‘Mom Suit’ Swimwear That Isn’t Ugly & Doesn’t Break The Bank

Ok, so I’m an avid outdoorsy, summer-loving person, so cute swimwear is a must.  Since having a kid, priorities have changed and now, everything I am going for has to fit into these three important categories:

  1. Practical  – basically, when your kid is hanging off your hip and grabbing for your sunglasses, you don’t want to give a peep show to all the other fellow beach go-ers.  Say BUH-BYE to the old faithful spaghetti strappers.
  2. Not Super Ugly and Frumpy – don’t wanna burlap sack.  I mean I still do love my sun (bring on the SPF!)
  3. Reasonably Priced! – I like LOTS of options.  I like several styles.  I like to get several new suits per season sooooo I am not dropping $189 on a designer suit.  Sorry, fashion bloggers.  That ain’t happening over here!!!

*Word to the wise* READ THE SIZING GUIDES and especially buyer reviews!!!! I buy every size from XS to Large, so do your research!!!!


Favorite Suits/Brands of the Season!

Cupshe Fashion

Super cute, lots of style options.  You can even jump on Amazon and grab some select suits and receive them in lightening PRIME 2-day speed.

Some I own and love:

Leaves Print is so popular this season!  This suit is a cute option for a strapless with coverage.


High Waisted Two Piece



This suit is SUPER reasonable, but fair warning.  Orders take almost a month to receive.  I think it’s best to order a handful in plenty of time before you need them.  Size UP!

Own or love these:

Lazer Cut Leaf Bikini cute version of it here.


Real life swimmy time with a kid 🙂 notice there is no option for a baby grab mistake here!


LOVE this black and white one – been eyeing it for awhile


The MOST flattering one piece cut-out!! and $10.99??? I mean….


See real-life version here 🙂



We all know, they are the powerhouse of adorable swimwear.  So many options.  I recommend looking online at the online only styles.

Some favs include:

Ruffle One Piece


Adorable – I am a sucker for anything holiday festive – this suit is it!


Just picked this one up end of season on sale!


Go for what makes YOU feel good.  The latest styles are ok and fun, but if it doesn’t make you feel fab, then skip it.  Classic and comfortable is always in style.


Watch for end of summer super sales on swimwear!!!  If you can pick of some cute things for next season! DO IT!





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