Tuesday Top Five

Hey there Tuesday!

Thought I’d give you a little mid-week pick-me-up ‘Tuesday Top Five’ style which includes things that have been floating my boat lately.

one // closet purge

Pretty much everyone could benefit from a good old fashion closet purge.  I typically do this spring and fall, but I think it’s a best practice to do it more frequently.  As a society, we love to collect.  Now I love clothes, don’t get me wrong, but there is something to be said about prioritizing.   Recently I did a version of a 50/50 closet purge, but I read this woman’s great blog post recently, and thought it was even better.  She hit the nail on the head with this one 🙂


two // hello fresh hack {completely un-sponsored- just a fan}

At our house, we are HelloFresh lovers.  We’ve been hooked since January of this year, but the the REAL reason it works for us, is the way we subscribe.  Basically, when I was interested in a food service, I knew the concept had to serve these few needs or it wasn’t going to cut it for us:

  1. I didn’t want to cook every night.  I hate cooking.  But I love being healthy, soooo we cook.  I wanted to find a way to use the HelloFresh service and it fill the void for dinners Monday-Thursday (four dinners).
  2. I wanted to carve out that $ amount from our current grocery bill and actually see our weekly grocery bill reduce in the amount it costs for the food service.
  3. Ease.  I don’t want to have to dream up, Pinterest-search, or meal plan for Monday-Thursday.  I think there is serious value in the fact that the stuff shows up at your front door, no thought needed.  HelloFresh provides you with everything you need to cook a gourmet meal, that isn’t difficult to prepare, yet pushes you out of your rut of cooking the same staple things week-after-week.

Our solution:  We buy the 4 Person Meal Plan x 2 Meals Per Week.  How this works:  We cook Mondays and Wednesdays and eat leftovers Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This ends up being such a value-add to ours lives because its checks off all the pain-points listed above.

You should give it a try.  This system maybe wouldn’t work for every family, but it works for us and I wanted to share our HelloFresh Hack.

Here is what we are cooking this week:

(don’ worry, Stephen was standing behind the box, haha!)


{btw – if you are interested, I have four HelloFresh Freebies.  I’ll share them with the first four people to DM me at themasthouseblog@gmail.com – don’t worry there is no commitment, just remember to cancel a few days after your box delivers.}

three // avocado cutter

Calling all avocado addicts (hand raised 👋🏻).  You NEED this tool in your life.  My FAV feature is the hole that lets you push the core/seed out like a breeze.


four // eligible – a modern day pride and prejudice

I’ve been in a bit of a a reading rut lately, but this book has really gotten me out of it.  It’s an easy, whitty read with a bit of dry humor, which I appreciate.  A true modern day Pride & Prejudice that is a great beach-read or just a plain-old, good summer read.  Pick it up!


five // almond milk ice cream

High FIVE Ben & Jerrys!  SOOOOO good – I could easily eat an entire container in a sitting.  Instead, I eat it with a fork which I’ve convinced myself that it makes me consume less.  😉


Here in North Carolina, it’s HOT HOT HOT.  We’ve been hitting the pool as often as possible to beat the heat.  Hope you are finding great ways to stay cool as well.

Happy Tuesday!








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  1. I’ve seen the Hello Fresh posts all around facebook – and your post has me wanting to try it! I get my first one next week! 🙂

    1. This is why I decided to blog. A little mind sharing 😊 Plus it’s like digital scrapbooking for your babies. If you didn’t already order HF, I may have a discount code. Let me know! We love it, but the Family Plan is the way to go for us, cooking twice a week (work week) with leftovers day two.

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