My Favorite Less-Than-5-Ingredients Recipes

Cooking.  Some of us hate it (hand raised) and some of us love it, but we all gotta do it. Hands down, my FAV FAV FAV recipes are the ones that require the least amount of effort, ingredients and time.  These three are tried & true in the Mast household, and all of these are dairy-free, too.


Crockpot Shred Chicken 

Doesn’t get much easier that crockpot shred chicken, folks. At a two ingredient list, you cannot beat that in the easy department.  Add a crockpot to the mix and you are practically effort-free.  This is also versatile.  We make it and fix it over a salad, chicken fajita burritos, chicken tacos in hard or soft shell.  Mix up your toppings to change up the style of the dinner and you can eat on this one for days.  This girl uses fajita seasoning as a third ingredient and I’ve done it both ways, and it’s just as fab with just the two ingredients: chicken + salsa

Recipe: Crockpot Shred Chicken


Salsa Verde Chicken and Rice

This one has four ingredients.  SO simple and perfect for a weeknight meal.  We’ve been making it for years now.  It has a lot of flavor with the salsa verde and is very filling.  I’m making it this weekend when my in-laws are in town.

Recipe: Salsa Verde Chicken and Rice


Crockpot Italian Chicken Soup

This one has three ingredients.  Kinda more of a fall/winter thing, but it’s easy as can be.  I make cornbread on the side and it is great with that.

Recipe: Italian Chicken Soup



Happy {easy} cooking, friends!



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