Balancing In Heels – Finding Your Best Professional/Family/Self Balance

HEY there busy lady.  I’m looking at YOU!  The one spinning all the plates.  That is what I feel like I do day-in and day-out.  Keep those darn things going round and round.  Oh wait, there is another three plates that just got added to the mix.  Now you get to spin more! Sometimes one or two of them fall.

Finding your best professional/family/self balance sure can be a challenge.

Are there things we could be doing to make things easier on our busy selves?  The answer is YES!


Things don’t always go according to plan – be FLEXIBLE

This is hard for me.  I’m such a planner.  I swear having a baby has really tested me on this level! (See above pic HA!)  We cannot control it all.  Flexibility and the ability to adapt is a wonderful quality to have.  It will save you lots of stress and hours worrying.  Adopt the mantra of:  It’s life, move on. (Um, easier said than done!!!) 

Things are going to change

What is your normal now, won’t always be your normal.  Your pre-baby routine, won’t be the same as what it is during maternity leave, and it won’t be the same when your baby is 9 months old or 9 years old.  Get used to knowing that even if you are a routine lover, your routine will change and adapt as time goes on.

Buy a showercap

I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week.  I shower daily (usually at night) and wear a shower cap to keep it dry.  This is a huge time saver for me.  On the days that I do go into the office, when I get up, I use a curling wand to make it look tamed.  On the other days that I don’t go into the office or weekends, 9 times out of 10, it’s in a pony, braid, or under a ball cap.  And it does look like a hot mess after sleeping on it all night.  Dry shampoo is your friend if you need a little lift.

FUN FACT:  I’ve only blow dried my own hair twice in the last three months.

Make time for yourself

Don’t let yourself go.  In order to be the best mama, wife, friend, co-worker, you need to be sure to not forget YOU.  Specifically plan things in your month that will make YOU happy.  Even if it is a solo-run to Target, a fun night up with girlfriends, buying yourself that top you’ve been wanting, or fitting in time for a pedi.  You deserve the little things that will lift you up.  Build time in for you.


It’s OK to say no

This one took me awhile to get good at.  I am a people-pleasure, so for me I hate to let someone down.  But it’s OK to say no.  It’s completely acceptable to have a ‘come-to-jesus-meeting’ with yourself and realize that it’s just better for you to not do something.  Whether that means doing that thing two weeks from now or not doing it at all.  You have the right to say no.

Set weekly goals

Post it notes are my best friend.  I’m so old school and still use a paper agenda AND email calendar.  Usually towards the beginning of the week I jot down a few things I hope to accomplish during the week.  I may not get to all of them, but I’m reminded of them multiple times a week when I open my planner.

Get up early

I get some of the best things of my day done early.  I have faithfully taught my workout class at 5:30am for years.  I get up early and start work nice and early when my brain is all fresh.  I get up before the rest of my household just to get an early start at getting the coffee going, emptying the dishwasher, and getting ready for the day.  Getting up early is totally worth it and gains you extra hours in an already too-short day.

Be the best multitasker you can possibly be

This is one of my strengths.  If you can knock out a few things at a time, you will have more time to relax later.  The more you knockout, the more successful you will feel.


Be thankful & grateful

Don’t forget to stop and recognize the good in your life that surrounds you.  That may be the sweet moments when you rock your baby each night and read him books.  Or it can be your husband that goes out of his way to help evening routines run smoothly, the babysitter that your child is excited to spend time with, or a boss that is an advocate of work/family life balance – be thankful and grateful for those people in your life who build you up.  They are totally in your court.

What you can’t get done today, you can do tomorrow

Seriously, so so true.  I find my days loaded with meetings, appointments, tasks, mental to-dos.  Then a meeting or two run long, you get a phone call that turns into a side project that makes your day go completely different that you had planned.  You do as much as you can do, but towards the end of the day, you have to call it quits and say “I’ll pick this up tomorrow.”


When I’m about to lose it, I often times stop and say a little prayer for patience.  I also make sure to pray often in gratitude.  Look to the lord in times that are tough, but do not forget to do the same when things are good.  Pray through it all.

You’re doing a great job

Last but not least, you have to pat yourself on the back sometimes and remember that you are doing an awesome job balancing all that life throws at you in your heels!

Mom’in ain’t easy, but someone’s got to do it!


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