Scenes From Our Weekend: Wisconsin Trip Recap!

Lake Geneva Water Picture

We had the BEST time this past four-day weekend visiting my family in Wisconsin.  It has been forever since I’ve made the trip during summer so I was really looking forward to the Midwest with pretty weather!  Here is a little rundown of our trip.

Scenes From Our Weekend : Wisconsin Trip Recap!

baby in stroller

Day One // Thursday

We had an early flight at 5:32 a.m. (I’m crazy right???!)  Well – we are not seasoned baby travelers and we waltzed right into the airport, with not much time to spare.  I won’t name names of anyone that took longer to get dressed and out the door than usual 🙄 LOL. LONG-STORY-SHORT — we didn’t make it in time for the 30 minute window in which they cut off checking bags.  Our five-minutes-too-late mistake sent us back home for naps for a few hours until we turned around and gave it a second try. 🙂  I’ll say this – the Greensboro airport is so easy and small, this usually is not an issue.  Live and you learn!

baby eating cookies airport

Airport round Two!  Baby was a champ.  We found a quiet place in the airport and let him get his wiggles out before boarding.  He also killed plenty of snacks.  ALL THE SNACKS.   He miraculously slept on the plane ride.  YESSSSS!  Will blog on flying w baby soon!

sleeping baby on plane

Once we got to my parents, we just hung out the remainder of the day and my dad cooked us a great dinner.  He’s such a great cook.  I always took for granted the luxury of having amazing meals cooked nightly when living under their roof.

picture with mom outside

Day Two // Friday

We rode to Lake Geneva, which is a popular vacay spot in southern Wisconsin.  The town is quaint and cute with tons of boutiques and shops.  We did a boat tour around the lake which is something I’ve always wanted to do.  The weather was kind of cool – only 69 degrees for a high that day.


My uncle Joe and son Matthew flew in for the visit from New Jersey. 🙂


For the record, Emerson does have sunglasses and he won’t leave them on.  We are working on that! 😉

Lake Geneva Water Picture

In the evening after leaving EJM with my mom to do bedtime books, we went and visited my long time friend Trish and her husband Adam at their house.  We had the best time catching up.  Adam gave us some of his homemade wine and that made all the conversations just that much more fun! 😉  Jocelyn and Trish’s bro, Matt stopped by and we laughed about the ‘good-ole-days’.  If only we lived closer!

Trish and Mallory

We did say that 15 years ago, this pic would not have contained all the mom glasses, LOL!

Bar fun selfie

Day Three // Saturday

My sweet friend Mandy, husband Tom & baby Nolan came to visit us!  I had been looking forward to this forever.  Nolan was born a month later than Emerson last year.  They were soooo funny together.  My son, the ‘Mouth-of-the-South’ as we like to call him, spent the whole time babbling to Nolan and trying to crawl over and touch his face. HAHA!

Emerson and Nolan

Baby buds!

baby buds

I wish I could just transplant all my best friends in North Carolina so they could live by me!!!

Mast Boyd Pic

In the afternoon, my parents hosted a party to celebrate my Grandpa Moses for his 90th birthday!  90 years ~ that is AMAZING!  It was so special to have such a group of family and friends in the same place.  Family flew in from as far as Alaska to celebrate.  I’m very grateful we got to share that experience.

papa-moses-emersonDaddy and Mal

Emerson got to meet THREE of his GREAT Grandparents!  He’s a lucky boy!

grandparents and babyPapa and EmersonGrandpa Moses PictureAunts and Uncle PicEmerson Kissing GrandmaGrandparents PictureMoses Family Shot

On Sunday, we headed home.  Emerson wasn’t quite as perfect on this flight, but we survived once he passed out. 🙂  I was sad to leave, but so thankful we had such a nice trip.

plane baby picture

It turns out, the windows in the airport taste good!  HAHA!  Also, I realized I’m not a germ-a-phobe.  Maybe when he was little bitty, but when your baby crawls, they need to get those wiggles out!  We found a quiet place to let him go to town and made sure to wash him REALLY well that night!

Emerson Licking Window



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