The weather in North Carolina is heating back up after a super-tease temperature drop a few weeks ago.  Even though I’m still loving summer, I want to know –  is anyone already secretly gathering their wishlist of fall clothing must-haves?  I AM!

I like to make ‘wish lists’ for clothing seasonally.  First I typically I go through my wardrobe and purge all the things I know have seen better days or I’m just plain sick of.   After having a true sense of what I need, I wait for those items to go on sale and pick them up.  It helps me stay focused on what I really need and what special items are at the top of my list.  Here (links embedded) is what is on my ‘Fall Wishlist’:

  1. Long winter coat
  2. LL Bean Rubber Moc duck boots
  3. Zella high waisted leggings 
  4. JCrew twill vest
  5. Peplum olive jacket



Emerson is on a big swing kick lately, so we are heading to the park as often a possible!  His face – all smiles and laughs!  It’s the best!baby-teething-on-yetibaby-teething-oneThe teething y’all!!!  It’s anything and everything.  We have two teeth on the bottom working their way up and a bumpy area up top where one seems like it’s on it’s way with my fav little boy!

(looks like his daddy here with this serious look, doesn’t he?!)emerson-and-mamaWent out to eat Saturday night at a fav local place.  Totally twinning here!

That sass face O.M.G.


Made this baby pasta salad this weekend and EJM loved it.  We used regular light Italian dressing instead of creamy.

They can eat on it for days.  Recipe here.


Headed to the pool.  We only have a few weekends left of summer pool days so we have to soak it up!  Our pool closes a week or two after Labor Day.

baby-swim-9-monthsThis stinker wants to go go GO!  Always after something, whether it’s a toy, the cat or our water bottles.  Pics are HARD to get!



Cutting the cord.  I have been practicing living a more simplistic lifestyle these days and read two great articles lately.  One called 28 Of The Biggest Money Wasters According To Real People which listed (no shocker) cable TV as a huge money waste.  We never really watch anything real-time and barely even watch much TV  They also linked this great article called How To Quit Cable which was just what I needed to take the plunge.  You can stream almost everything these days, especially if you are OK to watch it day-after airing.

We have Netflix and are going to get Hulu.  Honestly, it’s all we need.  We get NFL football from the streaming football package.  This “cutting the cord” will save us $100+ a month = $1200+ per year.  Maybe I’m not the only one who should give it a try?!  Go on!



Schools starts back soon and you know what that means…. the a.m. traffic!!!  I need to set my alarm earlier now!  I drive past three schools on the way into the office.


We are taking one last little mini vacy over Labor Day weekend to the beach.  I’m ready for one last hurrah before I’m ready to bust out the fall decor and fall clothes.  We are headed to Morehead City, NC for a few days.  I’m already making piles of things to pack. (duh, it’s me!)

 I’m curious to see how this beach trip goes considering we are ON THE MOVE these days crawling and pulling up on things.  Different ballgame compared to our trip in July!  Let’s talk about how little Emerson was here a few months back over Memorial Day Weekend!  Babies don’t keep!




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