Easy Baby Finger Food Ideas


Transitioning your baby to what I like to call “adult food” from the purees can be tough. There is the gagging over new flavors and textures and the worrying they are going to choke.  I get it, I was there.  Once they are old enough to start to grab at the spoon, and want to pick food up, they are showing you signs that they are ready for something more.

I got sick of buying all the packaged baby food pretty fast.  It’s not the cheapest thing to buy and they go through it fast.  On the flip side, it can be a daunting task to dream up food ideas that will work for a little one that maybe doesn’t have any, or few teeth.  We just started experimenting little by little with things.

Think:  What would an elderly person with no teeth be able to gum? 🙂

Here is our list of Easy Baby Finger Food Ideas:

Before we start- I’d like to mention that I’m usually in a hurry so I’m not going for high marks in presentation here, LOL. Also, these may not be the perfect, healthiest of the healthiest options, but typically I tried to have a fruit/veggie, protein, and starch.  The more colors and textures the better.  *Also, our allergist said to introduce as many of the common allergies as soon as possible for babies, so they are less likely to react grow into a full blown allergy later.*  (example: fishsticks) American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology article can be found here


chopped turkey sausage, baked beans, green beans and oven-roasted sweet potatoes (these have panko breadcrumbs, and little olive oil and pepper on them because we ate them too)

baby-finger-food-fish-fruitfish sticks, kiwi, & watermelon

baby-finger-food-avocado-berriessweet potato fries, avocado & strawberries

baby-finger-food-mandarin-ricemandarin oranges, peas & chicken garlic rice

baby-finger-food-chicken-veggiesroasted chicken (make sure this is really soft and cut small!) with oven roasted tomatoes & potatoes – added a little olive oil and tiny amount of salt/pepper

baby-finger-food-pasta-meat-peaschopped cheese tortellini, chemical-free sliced turkey lunch meat & peas

baby-finger-food-quesadilla-vegcheese quesadilla cut up and mixed veggies

A few breakfast favs:

baby-finger-food-toast-bananaswheat toast with peanut butter cut small & bananas

baby-finger-food-pancakes-eggsmini pancakes & scrambled eggs (mostly whites)

Other Items Not Shown That We Love:

cantaloupe, raspberries, blueberries, waffles, muffins, spaghetti, chickpeas, black beans, fish, hummus, pears, peaches, cheese/crackers, oatmeal, squash & zucchini, mac n cheese


Hope your babies enjoy!



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