Labor Day Weekend Whereabouts

Back to reality today, as we settle into our normal day-to-day after the long Labor Day Weekend.  It really is never long enough, is it?!  We had initially planned on heading to the beach, but the weather was iffy for the first part of the weekend, so we ended up staying home to be safe.

Friday was pretty dreary around here.  Cool, windy and rainy.  To brighten my spirits from not heading to the beach, I decided to light a Bath&Body fall scented candle and get to work with putting out some of my fall decor.

Here is my dining room buffet fall display:


Saturday morning was still gray and misty, so we headed to the mall to walk around and get Stephen a new pair of Sperry’s.  I didn’t realize this, but the mall has two kid play zones.  We spent a good amount of time in there and Emerson ended up loving it!  We will be back.


So entertained by all the big kids running around!


Saturday evening we got a babysitter (thanks Casey!) and headed into DT Winston-Salem.  The weather was pretty by then and we sat outside and enjoyed cocktails at Hutch & Harris.


We walked to Local 27101 for dinner and one more cocktail.  Stephen’s double imperial strout beer looks like motor oil to me!


Sunday afternoon I took Emerson to the park to swing.  He LOVES to swing!  Can you see that little tooth on the bottom?  He has three that are visible and we think two more are about to come through on top.


On Monday, Labor Day, we ventured to Hanging Rock Park and did some hiking.  We meant to do an easy/moderate two mile hike, but took a wrong turn and ended up doing a five mile steep and rocky much harder hike.

I know we will both be sore tomorrow from lugging around that 23 pounder!  It was a fun time, and the weather was perfect.  I promise the baby wore his hat most of the time and it was shaded the majority of the hike!


These two!


Hope this week isn’t too brutal!  Always looking forward to the next weekend with my peeps!



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