Tarjay Obesssions

I’m loving Target’s new line called A New Day – cute, cute staple pieces, that are high quality for the price-point.  I’ve been picking up pieces here or there that are good for layering, such as vests and jackets.  I like that you can dress these up or down, from a play-date with kids or pair with a dress for work.  Next time you’re in Target, check out the new line.  There are also lots of items online that aren’t in the store.

{ Links below }

I consider camo a neutral and I think it will be hot this fall.


I picked up this green bell sleeved dress for Emerson’s Baby Dedication at our church towards the end of September.  Love the emerald color.


I have this in the grey, but want it in other colors too.


These aren’t the A New Day line but they are adorable.  This pair of green slip-on shoes are such great knock-offs of the Steve Madden pair.  I mean identical.  I compared them last weekend.  Only they are less than half the price of the SM pair.


camo jacket // emerald bell-sleeved dress // grey vest // green slip-on shoes

Target’s Dollar Section is killin’ in right now in the Fall and Halloween departments.  Every. Single. Time. that I go in there, I always manage to get side tracked in this section.  Here are a few things I’ve scooped up lately.


I’m always on the hunt for great finds at one of my fav stores and know you are too!



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