Emerson’s Baby Dedication 


After the long week we had last week with me out of town on business and ALL of us battling a nasty cold/virus, Emerson’s Baby Dedication kind of snuck up on us.  It turned out to be a really wonderful day.

 Baby Dedication is a church service in which parents make a public statement of faith to raise their child under God’s grace and wisdom. Dedicating your child to God shows that you recognize your child as a gift from God and you are dedicating yourself to being a godly example to your child.


Stephen’s mom and two sisters traveled from Burnsville, which is near Asheville.


I don’t even have to tell you who the gentleman on the right is, haha.  Nice pic of three generations of Mast men. 🙂  For the record, Emerson wanted to hold that purple ring toy during the actual Baby Dedication Ceremony and only dropped it three times. 🙂 (whyyyy)


Just thankful to be a mama to that sweet smiley boy in the pic below!


Emerson’s babysitter, Diana, joined us on this special day.  They have a sweet bond.


Three aunts – Tori, Carly & Caitie.




For those that want to know where we purchased the cute daddy/son matching tie set – the company is called Littlest Prince Couture and the website can be found here.

I actually bought this set two Father’s Days ago for Stephen when I was pregnant.  It was fun to finally see them wear it.  I highly recommend this company, as the quality is good and there are so many sets and color combos to choose from.  The baby tie has a zipper that allows for easy on/off and adjustment of size.


We are thankful to have family and friends both near and far to support our family on this special day.

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.  {Proverbs 22:6}




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