Five On Friday!


One //  Essie Gel Couture Polish System

I love having my nails done, but heading to the salon for a couple hours every few weeks on the weekend just does not work for my lifestyle right now.  Painting them myself is ok … don’t love doing it, and also, it chips after like two days – let’s be real here.

I have held out on trying the Essie Gel Couture system for a little while, as I didn’t want to be disappointed with lack-luster results compared to salon gel technique, but had a wild hair and decided to give it a run last weekend.

My thoughts: 

That stuff hangs on there remarkably well after one week.  In-fact it’s pretty much perfect.  The directions ask you to apply two coats of color 60 seconds apart, followed by the clear top.  It goes on really easy and dries quickly.  Guys – it’s good!  The top coat is KILLER!  If you don’t buy anything, buy that!  I think it would do really well on your toes as well.  You need to try it!

Two // This cheap baby monitor/home camera

We’ve held out on buying a camera version baby monitor for Emerson the past year.  Mostly, because I didn’t know if it was worth the cost.  A recommendation lead me to cave a few weeks ago and pick up this $40 home camera that doubles as a baby monitor for us.  It has an app that allows you to check easily on your phone so you don’t have to carry around a full monitor.  We love it!  Now we can watch Emerson eject all 4-5 pacifiers in real time each night, HAHA!   Yi Home Camera found here.  Totally worth the minimal cost.

** Stephen wants me to clarify that you have to actually open the app to view the camera feed, it doesn’t actually alert you constantly.  The camera does have a sound feature which allows you to hear or talk over the monitor. **


Three // Red Dress Boutique

I’ve had really good luck with a few cute pieces from this boutique lately.  They’re constantly updating their site with new very on-trend items.  If you’re looking for a few special outfits for the upcoming holiday season.  We took family pictures a couple of weeks ago and the sweater that I wore was from this company.

Check Red Dress Boutique out!


Four // Meri Meri Party Supplies

I picked up a few goodies for Emerson’s first birthday party coming up in a few weeks from this cute site.  Lots of different themes and little pieces that you will love.  Not too pricey either.  Adorable Meri Meri site.

(this isn’t our theme, but a cute one!)


Five // Halloween with this guy!

I’m pumped about Halloween this year!  Last year I wanted my buddy to make his appearance in time for Halloween but he had other plans and decided to be fashionably late.  I’ve been spending WAY too much time crafting Emerson’s first costume and hoping it comes together this weekend.  I always made my own costumes growing up so I decided to continue the tradition with him.

I’m planning on doing a post about his costume and some of my own Halloween creations from the former years in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned!


This little boy in his skeleton tee still loves his sugars from his mama!


Have a great weekend!



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  1. love reading your blog Mal!!! Cannot wait to see Emerson’s costume! Always loved seeing your costumes each year growing up!!! Hope his 1st birthday preparations are coming together for you! Cannot believe it has been a year already since you were trying to get him to make his appearance before Halloween!!! xoxo 🙂

    1. Ahh Kacie you are right. I tried so hard to have a Halloween baby haha! Thanks for the sweet words! Can’t wait to see if your crew does the Trick or Treat thing! Xoxo right back atcha 😘

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