12 Months of Emerson James!

Our Emerson turns one this week!  We can’t believe one year flew by just like that.  He is Mr. Personality and isn’t afraid to tell you if he likes or doesn’t like something.  He is SUCH a smiley and flirty boy.  He has been a ladies man from day one.  He loves to flash the ladies that smile when we go to the grocery store or Target and he gets allll the attention from it!  He isn’t quite walking on his own yet, but stands and takes the occasional step or two.

Milestones//Special Moments: First real word – mama // Speed crawling connoisseur // Standing on his own with little support // Trying to take steps! // 7 teeth

Weight/Height: 24 lbs, 32.5 inches tall  (78th percentile for weight and 99th percentile for height)

Hair: still waiting on this to come in more but … Dark Blonde

Eyes: Brown mostly, with a tint of grey/green

Clothes: 18 months
Diapers: just moved to 5’s

Sleeping: 2 naps – 1st is 9am-10:30ish, 2nd is at 1pm-3ish // has always been a champion sleeper at night since like 5 weeks old – bedtime: 7:30am and sleeps until 6:00am

Likes:  baths // He loves drinking “juice” aka. water or watered down juice out of sippy cup // reading books // chasing daddy // blowing & giving kisses // “patty cake” // cuddling his blankie or other soft things when sleepy // chatting and singing // the cat – Booger // his hammer, ring toy and toys with wheels // foods: avocados, mac ‘n cheese, yogurt, green beans, mandarin oranges and all fruit

Dislikes: getting dressed // having his nose wiped // being told no

Emerson you have added so much to our lives.  WE LOVE YOU so much!!!

12 months of EMERSON:

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