Has anyone pulled out the Christmas totes yet?  The Mast Family is totally guilty of this!  If you know me, you know my guilty pleasure of having Christmas ambiance for as long as possible.  I have so much stuff, there is no way we are going to drag it all out for just one month.  So we’ve started the outdoor decorating and the inside.  Don’t worry – the lights are not on yet outside!



We had a big weekend, which I’m sure most of you saw – we had Emerson’s 1st Birthday Party.  The recap can be found here if you missed it.

On Sunday, Joanna Gaines’ new Hearth & Hand home decor/holiday line launched at Target.  Well – it’s great of course!!!  The prices are reasonable and the items are all classic and timeless.  Also, I did swing into our local Target and there was still a good selection on Monday.  Things are selling out online FAST – so don’t walk, RUN!

A few, and surely not all of my favorites include:


  1. The stockings and the galvanized tree collar.  This tree skirt is sold out everywhere and I’m going to be watching to see if it comes back!  If anyone spots it – GRAB IT FOR ME!


2. This is glass vase with tree is adorable.  This could be used all winter.


3. This glass candle holder centerpiece is super versatile.  It does not come with the greenery, but it could be bought.  You could change up what is inside the glass for each season.  Love it.


TWO INGREDIENT Pumpkin Spice Bread


I found this killer recipe from another fellow blogger – Carolina Charm.  You guys – this stuff is addictive.  Literally two ingredients.  TWO!  All you need is Duncan Hines Spice Cake Mix and a can of pumpkin.  I added a third, which is totally optional – a little cream cheese frosting on mine, but she sprinkles powdered sugar on hers and I’m sure it’s delish.

This would be a really easy gift for a teacher, neighbor or friend during the holidays.  You need to whip up a batch ASAP!  Don’t forget to make one for yourself!

Recipe HERE


daylight savings

This time change!  Why does it feel like it’s 9’oclock at night when it’s only 7:30p??  Also – my child did not get the memo!


The holidays!  We are hosting Thanksgiving, so we just started making our menu list last night.   I’m also working on my tablescape designs, and have been tweaking and making a few adjustments.  I may share with you soon.  Even though we’ve got Christmas going on all around our house, I do leave the dining room decorated for Thanksgiving, so my guests will not be confused as to which holiday they are celebrating!

Have a great week!




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