Friday This & That – Plus What’s On Our Thanksgiving Day Menu


Happy Friday friends!  We’ve had one heck of a week and I feel like getting on here and writing has been the least of my concerns. Our little buddy has had the stomach bug and you guessed it – we’ve been battling it from both ends with him.  So far, neither of us have caught it – KNOCK ON WOOD.

Also, we met with an ENT recently and decided that Emerson is a good candidate for tubes.  He’s had 5-6 ear infections since the summer and many of which have needed multiple rounds of antibiotics to knock out.  Bless his little heart.  We have made the decision to go ahead with surgery the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend – so if you happen to add him to your prayer list, we’d appreciate it!


I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week.  The month of November has seriously been a blur for me.  We are hosting for 11 people, I believe.  We’ve got the menu pretty set.  I do need to figure out how to brine our turkey – as it’s too big to fit in any of our pots.  I read that double bagging it in garbage bags is an option?  Any suggestions people??!  Send ’em my way!

We usually do our Thanksgiving Dinner around 3pm, but that usually leaves for some hungry people wandering around the kitchen around lunchtime.  I wanted to share this easy recipe that is perfect to put on the counter that is sure to help with the middle-of-the-day munchies.  Make it a few days ahead so it’s not interfering with the day-of Thanksgiving kitchen hustle & bustle.

Homemade Chex Mix Recipe


We are going to try this recipe for our Thanksgiving Day salad that seems like a great seasonal fit.  All the ingredients sound amazing in my head together.  I think my dad made something similar to this years ago for a holiday.

Autumn Apple & Pear Fall Recipe


We have all the other traditional Tgiv menu planned, so it should be a quite the feast!  We’ve been binge-ing old seasons of Friends episodes on Netflix lately and Thanksgiving always makes me think of the episode where Joey wears Phoebe’s maternity pants and calls them ‘Thanksgiving pants’.  So hilarious!  That is the episode that Brad Pitt does a cameo – so it gets extra points in my book.  Little clip for you here just in case you need the laugh.  🙂


Did you guys see that Thomas Rhett is singing the half-time performance on Thanksgiving Day during the Cowboys/Chargers game?  I love him – so looking forward to that.

Cheers for the weekend!  And a big fingers crossed that the Mast House stays healthy for the next good stretch!



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  1. Love the chex mix. My mom did it every year. I saw a great idea with Brie. You Alice it into small pieces and out it in puff pastry cups. Top with raspberry jelly. Or your preference and then top with nuts OR Fresh Market has one premade for $8.00 or so. Sorry to hear about he up coming surgery. Will certainly be praying! Hope all else is good. Love you guys!

    1. Yes, Chex mix is simple but we often forget it as an option. Everyone still loves it though! Oh yes – Brie is a good one too! Thank you for the prayers, Barbara! I think of you often and we miss you!

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