2017 Christmas Card



I wanted to share this year’s Christmas card with you all.  It generally takes me days to settle on the perfect card style.  This year we had fall family pictures taken at the Dixie Classic fair, which was really fun and on my bucket list of photo opps.  I opted with a simple, clean black/white/gold finish design to compliment the style pictures we took.  The last few years we’ve ordered our cards from MPix.  I am always really happy with the quality and finished product, so highly recommend.

I cherish the cards that we receive in the mail from others.  I save them all!  A great idea for keeping/storing past year’s cards is to create a simple ‘card book’ with all the cards you receive in the year.  All you have to do is take a hole punch and punch a hole in a corner of your cards at the end of the season.  I put them all together on a binder ring.

You can find an easy tutorial here.  They use two holes, but I do mine with just one.  🙂  I also put each ‘year collection’ in a basket as part of my Christmas decor.  I display the basket full of cards in in our living room and people love looking back at the past collections!


We had the most fun in the big snow this past weekend!  We even had some pictures taken while the snow was falling on Saturday and it was MAGICAL!  This weekend was filled with lots of family time and cycling our way through the many great classic Christmas movies from my collection.  Emerson loved Christmas Story (You’ll shoot your eye out!) and Polar Express the best this weekend!




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