The More, The Merrier – Mast Party of Four!

We shared some exciting news on Christmas Day!

(photos by j&a photography)

We are expecting our second little one early July, a few days before Stephen’s birthday.   We are so grateful and excited.  Two under two!  Twenty months apart – to be exact!

I’ve been a little MIA with everything lately, as the first trimester has totally kicked my tail all the way back to week four.  I am thrilled that it seems to have subsided at this point, so I can live my best life now!

Here’s a little FAQ I’ve received about the pregnancy so far!

What is your due date? 
July 7, 2018

What made you decide you were ready for another baby? 
We wanted Emerson to have a sibling close in age, so he’d have a friend to play with.  He’s most definitely the prince right now!  I’m not getting any younger, either!

How are you feeling? 
I’ll sum this up really quickly for you but if you combine the flu with a terrible never-ending hangover, you have the equivalent of how I’ve been feeling the past two months.  I’m a really good at putting on my game face, so maybe you haven’t been able to notice?!  Lots of sleeping and very little eating.  Trying to get through with as much grace as possible.

Are you finding out the gender?  Do you have a gut feeling? 
Yes!  I’m not wired for surprises like that. But I give major props to all the people out there that can last through to the major surprise at the end!  I’m thinking we should be able to find out around middle January if we head for a gender-only elective ultrasound before the 20 week medical anatomy scan.

With Emerson I had a gut feeling he was a boy.  This one, I barely have a guess, but it’s not a strong one.  Currently my guess is a 60% vs. 40%.  Will share more about gender wives tales in a few weeks.

Do you have any goals before the new baby arrives? 
Not really, other than work on a new big boy room for Emerson and figuring out what kind of double stroller we need.  Mamas, send your suggestions on!  Of course, there will always be soaking in the last few months that Emerson will be our only guy makes the list as well.

Will you share the name before the baby is born? 
Yes.  We definitely have a girl name.  And we are about 90% on the boy name.  Stephen gets to pick this one, this time around.

Thank y’all for sharing in this joy with us! 


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