Wives Tales For Baby Mast #2



(photos by j&a photography)

Will Emerson have a little brother or sister?  Here is the rundown of wives tales and answers for you to make your picks!

Morning Sickness? YEP! We should actually call it all day sickness.  You guys, I thought I had it bad when I was pregnant with Emerson.  Ha!  That doesn’t compare to this pregnancy!  I felt like I had the flu/never ending hangover since week FOUR.  I was just pretty good at putting on my game-face for y’all!  Thankfully, most of these fun symptoms have subsided.

This puts a vote for:  girl

Headaches? Occasionally, but nothing compared to the nausea.

This puts a vote for:  boy maybe?

Heartbeat above or below 140? This baby’s heart beat has been 167, 155 and 157.  FYI- Emerson had a girl’s heartbeat in the 150’s.

This puts a vote for:  girl

Craving sweet or salty? Well, the little I was eating tended to be salty.  Bacon, potato chips, etc.  Last pregnancy I had a complete meat aversion for a few months, but this pregnancy, I wanted almost nothing and there is no rhyme or reason to what I liked/didn’t like.  Almost all food, and large meals sounded unappetizing.  Also, last time I craved all carbs, sweets and orange juice w EJM.  Out of the 1st trimester now, I have pretty much zero cravings, but haven’t entirely gotten my appetite back.

This puts a vote for:  boy

Face Breakouts:  basically clear.  (last time I had more for sure!)

This puts a vote for:  boy

Skin dry or soft? soft with this pregnancy, dry with last

This puts a vote for:  girl

Moody or pleasant? Let me ask Stephen … he says pleasant 😊

This puts a vote for:  boy

What side do you sleep on? Both, both times.

This puts a vote for:  ?

Carrying baby high or low? Last time I feel like I carried pretty low, and this time I’m thinking looks the same.  I definitely am showing faster with this second one.  The body remembers!

This puts a vote for:  boy

Chinese Calendar:  girl

Mama’s guess:  on the fence but 60% girl, 40% boy

Daddy’s guess:  200% certain GIRL

What’s your guess for our sweet baby?  I’d love to hear in the comments!  Stay tuned because we’ll be announcing next week!


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