Elliott’s Nursery Inspiration


I’m such a neutrals lover.  Most of our home is full of different shades of grays, whites & creams.  True to form, we decorated Emerson’s nursery in the gray/white/cream tones with a few pops of subtle navy & brown because we went with a Rustic Nautical theme for him.

Because I love the current set-up in the nursery for a little baby, we’ve decided to upgrade Emerson to a big boy version of his room down the hall that will be more appropriate for a busy toddler.  Once I pulled out all of the nautical decor and Emerson framed pictures, the nursery is left with a beautiful easy slate to work with for Elliott’s new nursery!


We have these gray & white curtains which block light.  I actually bought another set in a different material and color pattern for Emerson’s new room.  Stephen worked diligently last summer and bead-boarded the entire nursery from about chest-height down.  It’s so darling and classic – I love it soo much.  It will look equally as cute for a little girl’s room.

We have this crib & dresser, this glider chair, and this rug.  Love this light pink pouf ottoman from Land of Nod.  I’m thinking some girly sheets will help with making the room feel a little extra feminine along with this flower crown mirror. Stephen’s family has a vintage rocking horse that was made by his grandfather.  I like that it adds some elements of wood to the nursery.

I just picked up this soft laundry basket and neutral lamp.  I am going to see if my friend at THP Script can help me out with a framed calligraphy print of Elliott’s full name.

I’ve leaned on good ‘ole Pinterest to help tie in some of my inspiration and a few of my fav nursery pics are below.

My style is soft, feminine, with textured blush & neutral accents that make for a sweet timeless look.


I will share another post soon on Emerson’s Big Boy Room Upgrade inspiration!  It is coming together, slowly but surely!  Until next time … !



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