What I’m Loving Lately


This post is just going to be a dump of a handful of things that have been floating my boat lately.  Here goes!

  1. We needed a new highchair for Emerson and I’ve seen good things about the Ikea $19.99 high chair.  It’s a super simple style, stack-able and very easy to clean.  For the price, you can’t go wrong.  Highly recommend.  We’ve even hosed it off, literally outside.  Will invest in a second in the future.


2. Little Poppy Bows subscription.  Seriously cute bows for your babes delivered to your doorstep each month.  Little Poppy Co. designs three simple bows that perfectly match the current month/season.  They have a headband and clip style depending on your baby’s age.  Really adorable way to stock up on must-have girly accessories.  Here is the set that was delivered to us yesterday for February:


3.  Daiya Dairy Free Pizza.  Until now, pretty much the only way I was able to get a pizza was making it myself at home or the occasional pizza opportunity out if somewhere offers a vegan pizza (vegan is safe if you are dairy free, and you can just add in meat if you need to).  Daiya products started carrying a larger line of items in local groceries stores and I was able to find a few varieties of their pizza at our local Lowes Food.  Our fav has been the cheese and we just add pepperoni to it.  They do have a pepperoni and supreme version, but they’re vegan so the meat is tofu.  Just a heads up!


4. Justin Timberlake’s new ‘Say Something’ single that he just dropped that features Chris Stapleton.  Those two are just talent upon talent.  JT is this Sunday’s Superbowl Halftime Show entertainment and there’s no doubt in my that he will deliver.  I’ve heard rumors of Prince covers, N*SYNC reunion and Chris Stapleton callaboration. (makes sense now!)

Lovin’ this new single.  The song’s underlying message is ‘Sometimes the greatest way to say something is to say nothing at all.”  That says it all – LOVE IT!  Also, the video is a super cool live video that was shot with one camera all over a large building.  Check it out.


5.  Loreal Magic BB Cream.  Good drug store find – anti-redness cream.  Occasionally I feel as though I want to tone down a little redness on my face’s t-zone.  This stuff is magic, like the label states.  It’s a super-light, green tinted cream that totally takes care of that.  Enough where you can dust a little compact powder over and off you go!


6.  Winter/Spring transition handbag.  I’ve been carrying the large Fawn Design Diaper bag which is gorgeous and I LOVE, but it can get heavy at times (hello preggo!) so I decided to give it a break until baby Elliott makes her appearance and I REALLY need to haul that big bag.

I am so picky with bags.  I need something just the right size – medium +, a neutral color that will go with a lot, and something that can be hands-free.  Saddlebag style bags are big right now.  I’m carrying this pretty, which is a classic bag that I’ve loved for awhile.  I always lean towards a leather bag that is timeless and I’ve hung onto a few over the years.

bag-marc7.  Emerson started part-time toddler preschool this week.  I cannot believe how much of a big boy he looks in this picture with his backpack on.  We looked back at pictures of him from over the summer and he’s changed SO much.  He’s really gotten taller and looks more like a little boy than a chunky baby these days!  His first day of school was a success and he came home very tired but happy.  He is such a social butterfly, just like his mama! 😉


That’s all for now – Have a wonderful week!




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