What’s In Emerson’s Easter Basket


I always like seeing other’s inspiration boards when it comes to gifts.  The Easter Bunny is working ahead and already has Emerson’s Easter basket in the works!  Here is what’s in it so far:


Something Sweet

Welch’s Fruit Snacks – Easter Edition.  I wasn’t thinking Emerson would do really well with the large chocolate candy assortment.  He’s actually not that crazy about chocolate, and it’s kind of difficult for him to chew properly.  Marshmallow peeps also came to mind, but was worried about the choking.  I settled on these Easter fruit snacks.  There are 28 pouches in the box!

Something To Wear

Cat & Jack Blue Button Down Shirt.  Stephen loved this shirt when we passed it in Target recently.  It looks really cute with sleeves rolled up.

Gap Toddler Chambray Shirt.  I’m a sucker for chambray, so this shirt was a must.

Toddler Croc/Sneakers.  Emerson wore these a lot last summer.  We picked up a pair of the black for this summer.  Easy to clean and slip on.

Something For Play

VTech Spin & Learn Color Flashlight.  This flashlight was a recommendation from a co-worker.  He said their son has it and he likes it so much that they have given them away for birthday presents too because it’s such a hit.

Our Garden Kids Tool Set.  Daddy loves to garden and be in the yard, so I’m sure his mini me will enjoy it too.  Kids gardening set here.

Manhattan Toy Company – Skwish Toy.  This activity toy looked right up Emerson’s alley.  There are pieces on it that spin, and it is really flexible.  Would even work for a younger aged child, as well.

All the Balls. We went with a bouncy light up ball and a super squishy blob ball.  The kid’s really into balls right now!  He will be all over them.  He also plays a lot with this set.

Something To Read

LLama Llama Easter Egg Book.  Emerson loves this book series and this one is festive.

I Am A Big Brother Book.  even though we still have a few more months, we can get an early start on the whole belly/baby/brother/sibling concept.  This book is sweet.


For fun, I thought I’d show you a little side-by-side from one year ago vs. current day of bunny Emerson. 🙂  He has changed SO much!  And for the record, this year’s picture was far harder to take than last year’s!  I had to keep bribing him with Scooby Doo graham crackers so he’d sit still and not take those ears off!

Last year:


This year!




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