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Who the heck is ready for SPRING??!!  I am!  We had that tease of warm weather a few weeks ago and it was too good to be true, as today it was 37 and raining half the day.  Spring makes me think of longer days with more sunlight in the evenings –  and daylight savings is this weekend!


My spring wish-list is slim, because HELLO PREGNANT, but the few spring items I’m hoping to grab soon include:

  1. this white blouse for newborn pics. Should be comfortable and forgiving. 🙂
  2. this pair of sunnies.
  3. an off-white shade of gel polish like this.  Still love the Essie gel polish!



This past weekend Emerson had a 2 year old birthday party to go to.  The theme was Moana, which he loves.  It was at an indoor fitness center that has a really great indoor rec space for kids that includes a full jungle gym, a bounce house, padded floors and several other items to play on.  Emerson loved being in the mix of all the diff age kids and spent a good deal of his time on this airplane see-saw.  This kid loves his wheels (steering wheel in this case) and his birthday party food.  He ate more than his fill of goodies and went to bed early that night!  I think he looks so grown up in this pic.



We got to see Little Miss E this week.  I can’t get over how much she looks like her brother.  She is cuddling up and facing the left, but you can’t mistake that same sweet chin, cheeks and lips that her brother has.  What do you think?!  Basically my babies could be twins.



Picky Eaters anyone??!  Emerson just got through a month of back-to-back sicknesses which in turn throws him a little out of wack in a few areas including sleep and eating.  He started with this really picky eating thing.  This kid could live off snacks and fruit.  Well this mama doesn’t give up that easily.  After some reading I decided to incorporate two things to help with this issue.

Food prepping on the weekends.  There’s nothing like getting home after work and the minute you walk in the door, your kid is hanging on your leg or his highchair all HANGRY.  Then you end up handing him a bowl of goldfish or other snacks to keep him occupied until dinner is cooked then you toss his meh foods in front of him and he poo poo’s them.  FUN TIMES!  To fix this, I roast sweet potatoes, chicken, broccoli, green beans, carrots, etc. ahead of time so I can heat them up quickly when the hangry monster hits!

Offering a mixed medley of his medium favs first.  Then once he eats a helping or two of that, give him the fruit or one of his favs.  I used to throw all the items on the nice little divider plates and he’d gobble up the fav item first and whine because he wanted more of that.  Now he’s hungry and eats the meh items pretty quickly and happily!  He seems to be more likely to eat things when they are tossed in a bowl together than separate, almost drawing more attention to what is yay and what is nay.

Not saying this will help all kids, but it’s helping us! Also, I am not afraid to keep things that don’t get consumed and try to re-offer them at another meal.  Sometimes they are just tired or not that hungry but at next meal, the mood is a totally different one that may lead to more success.  We use these suction bowls.



Easter Sunday.  Yes, it’s just a couple weeks away – April 1st!  I just made reservations for Easter Brunch at a local restaurant.  We have church nursery duty that Sunday.  And because we are staying local, I thought it would be nice to enjoy an Easter Brunch and maybe the park if the weather cooperates?  I picked up a few dresses at Asos recently, and think this one will be cute for Easter.  It’s also on sale.


Thought I’d leave you with a cute freshly bathed kid pic.  We just got him a little trim this past weekend, so that wild hair is a bit more under control now!




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