A Little Pre-Easter Fun


Happy Good Friday to you!  We are off work today and excited for a long weekend together.

We dyed eggs with Emerson a few days ago and he thoroughly enjoyed it!  Although it took two adults supervising very closely, we had minimal hand discoloration and no one consumed any dye tablets!   I consider that a WIN!  First time dying eggs for BOTH of them, if you can believe that! 🐣🐰


Yesterday was Emerson’s preschool Easter party and egg hunt.  I didn’t realize it, but my child is a champion egg hunter!  He was one of the fastest in the class at searching for and dropping eggs in his bucket.  We ended up sharing some with friends by the end because we wanted everyone to have plenty.


Emerson is still playing with his empty eggs and bucket today, so we may even re-fill and hide those things again for a second hunt this weekend at home. 😉

We have a handful of fun things planned for the long weekend, including some errand running, a trip to the zoo and church and brunch on Sunday.  The weather has been pretty the past few days, so more windows open and spring clothes for us!

There is of course more to Easter than the candy, bunny and egg hunts.  Our family is excited to celebrate this Sunday and we hope you have a blessed Easter with your crew!




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