Spring Inspiration


I LOVE blogging and social media for a few key reasons:

  1.  I love being able to document the ins and outs of life digitally.  A little online scrapbooking if you will.
  2.  Inspiration, inspiration, INSPIRATION!

I typically am choosey about what I “follow” and want to follow accounts that are uplifting and positive, make my creative juices flow, and inspire me to try different things.

For a little spring inspiration, I wanted to share some of the most interesting blogs and social handles with you!


1. Nesting With Grace

Featured in HGTV Magazine.  Creating a home with purpose, no matter the size.

She lives in a 1950’s cap cod that is small, only 1100 square feet.  I LOVE getting her weekly blog emails because she does a few cool series including: a small space series (post example click here) where she features other homeowners that live in small spaces, complete with a house tour, and q&a.  Like of course we are dying to know where the heck you keep your kid’s clutter and the unsightly cleaning supplies pile?!  If you sign up for her emails, you get weekly design questions answered – where readers write in with questions and pictures from their homes and ask for advice.  (Example here)  Her Instagram account always has cool ideas to try and different styling suggestions via her feed and stories.  Also, she has a cute personality.  🙂

Check out Nesting with Grace’s Instagram here and website here.



2.  Kon Mari

Marie “Konmari” Kondo –  Author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  Sparking joy in people’s homes and lives.

I’ve recently been inspired to start using her folding method in our dresser drawers.  (Good article on it here)  Not only do I have more space, I can easily see all of the items in each drawer!  I used to keep things folded but stacked, which gets messy over time and is hard to see all of what you have.  Her overall concepts are good.  Clean, minimal, less clutter.  We can all learn and be inspired from her philosophies – just in time for getting in spring cleaning mode.  I’ve done our wardrobe already, but headed to the kid’s rooms next.

Check out Kon Mari Instagram here and website here.



3.  The Lean Green Bean

Life is all about being balanced, simple and real.

This is definitely more of a mom’s account, but I love her Instagram stories of her daily kid plates (what they are served and what they actually consume of each plate), recipes, children’s activities and real life stuff.  She seems super down to earth and I’ve found myself seeking out some of her ideas more than once.   She is also a dietitian and great family food prepper.

Check out The Lean Green Bean Instagram here and website here.



4.  Emily Ley

Organizational tools for women.

Let me just say that I’m obsessed with my Simplified Planner – an easy-to-use, simple agenda created to help you achieve balance in your busy life.  I had been using the Lilly Pulitzer ones for a few years and switched this year to hers.  I love it more.  I love the to-do’s lines on the side of each day which is great for list making and checking off.  I also love her brand.  I’ve also read A Simplified Life – you’ll find Emily’s strategies, systems, and methods for permanently clearing the clutter, organizing your priorities, and living intentionally in 10 key areas—from your home and meal planning, to style and finances, parenting, faith life, and more.  Emily will show you how to truly make the most of your days with realistic, achievable, and tactical tools.

The process of simplifying your life is a BIG one.  Her 31 Day Simplicity Challenge features one step for each day that can be completed in 15 minutes or less. Physical clutter = mental clutter, so both of those areas are addressed throughout the challenge. At the end of the challenge, you’ll be able to breathe easier knowing that you’ve completed the process of purging, decluttering, and organizing your life to make margin for what matters!  Here is a link to her 2018 Simplicity Challenge.

Her Instagram account is here and she always shares great tips and things that she is doing with her family.



Hope you are able to find a little spring inspiration from one of these talented ladies’ brands!



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