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It’s no secret that I’m an Amazon junkie.  I buy as much as possible from them out of the total convenience.  Everything from diapers, protein powder, furniture, rugs to the funniest of them all – slabs of real grass turf!  (totally Stephen, btw)

Here is a list of our favorite Amazon buys along with a few other items that are in my cart:

Regalo Tall Gate

This is the best baby gate!  Nice and tall, is aesthetically pleasing and is sturdy.  Would be good for pets too.


L’Oreal Paris Mascara

The BEST mascara.  I switched to this and haven’t turned back.  Better than $30 brands I’ve purchased.


High Waisted Workout Capris

I’ve heard these are the bomb and most claim they’re the best they’ve tried.  $13?!  Yes please.


Toddler Loafers

A really great score for preppy toddler shoes.  Emerson has them in the brown but they come in a ton of colors too.


Memory Foam Hypoallergenic Pillows

I have no idea how these things work, but they come in a super small package and fluff up.  They provide great support.  Really good for the price-point.


Silk Pillow Cases

Hair looks so much less crazy in the morning if you sleep with a silk pillowcase.


Fabric Steamer

I hate pulling out the ironing board so this has been a good option.


Leaves Swim Suit

This suit was on repeat last summer.  I love Cupshe brand and they sell some of their products on Amazon, which means you can get their products super fast with Amazon Prime versus waiting for it to ship from overseas.


Girls Hair Bows

So these are for a little older age, more like 2+ but such a deal.  20 bows for $12.  I’ve seen lots of girl moms rave about these so they are in my wishlist cart as something to pickup soon to add to my stash.


Womens & Mens Qalo Rings

Both Stephen and I started wearing these when we are doing things that are rougher on our hands – working out, yard work, cleaning, etc.  They are flexible and comfortable and by wearing these, I think we keep our good jewelry in better condition.  They come in a ton of colors and styles.  I have a thinner stackable version in white. (here)  Stephen has a thicker men’s version. (here)


Mens Minimalist Wallet

Santa brought this for Stephen in his stocking this year.  He’s obsessed with it and says he can’t even feel it in his pocket, even sitting down.


Magformers Magnetic Building Blocks

I am putting together a little “big brother package” for Emerson for when baby Elliott comes and these will be part of it.  A solid 5 star review – all kids seem to be infatuated with these.


Melissa & Doug Re-Useable Coloring Pad

Another one that is for Emerson’s “big brother package”.  These are re-useable and you fill them with a water pen so they are no mess.  Winning.


Beach Wagon

We got this last year and it’s awesome.  If you are headed to the beach this summer and pack more than a small bag – you need this.


Teeth Whitening Strips

A few times a year I’ll pick up a box of these.  These do the trick.


Avocado Cutter

I don’t even remember what life was like without this trusty thing.  It’s a must-have if you are an avocado fan.


Garlic Press

Garlic is a pain to chop.  With this handy tool, it’s much more bearable.


Bath Toy Holder

Give all the bath toys a place to live when they are not being used.  They are able to dry out well here too.


Wooden Step Stool

I want to grab this soon for Big E for teeth and hand washing in his bathroom.  Picking him up isn’t easy these days!


Daily Devotional For Mamas

Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus

I try and read at least a chapter or two out of this daily before my crew wakes up.  I’m going to be sad when I’m done with it!




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