Five On Friday


I’ll admit, this week was packed and it kinda flew by for us.  I hardly ever say that things are going fast when I’m pregnant, but this week went by quickly.

A quick ‘Five On Friday’ for ya:
  1. Emerson is getting eye glasses.  I will do a post on this in more detail later, but our pediatrician noticed a little weakness in one of his eyes at one of our well baby exams at the beginning of the year.  It took us forever to get in, but we had our pediatric ophthalmology exam this week.  It was lots of fun – envision the same song and dance that you go through as an adult getting an exam, but for an 18 month old.  🙂  We decided to go ahead and put him in glasses early.  Here is a pic of us trying difference glasses on.  I may be biased, but seriously is he not the CUTEST?!  I picked out some stylish little frames.  He loved trying all of them on, but notice the staff member holding those little hands, haha.  Mamas with experience – send your tips our way!  We pick these up in about a week.


2.  Another Royal Wedding is coming!  I’m a sucker for all things royal and festive.  When William & Kate got married I woke up before the sun came up and watched it with a friend – while we sipped our tea, of course!  We are going to do the same for the big wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19th!  And YAY it’s on a Saturday this year!  A girl that I went to high school with wrote a nice post this week about hosting a royal tea party.  Check it out here.


3.  Preschool Picture Proofs – We got Emerson’s preschool picture proofs back this week and OH MY.  The cheesy picture people can take my money now because they’re so precious!


4.  Maternity Pictures Round Two.  We are scheduled to take maternity pictures this weekend if we can get the weather to hold out.  I’m so excited!  One of the dresses that I picked out is this black off the shoulder dress.  The other is a bit over-the-top, a blush colored dress with sequins and tool.  I’ll never wear it again, but it is sooo pretty.


5.  Derby Weekend & Cinco De Mayo!  This weekend is one for the festivities!  You all need to drink up those margaritas and mint juleps for me!  It may be a little late to grab your Derby fascinator headpiece for tomorrow, BUT you can order yourself a cute one just in time for the May 19th Royal Wedding!  If you have something fun to attend, this one would be super cute and comes in a handful of colors!  Also, full Derby schedule is here.


Have a great weekend!



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