2018 Mother’s Day Weekend


Heading into Mother’s Day weekend, I was not sure how our weekend was going to run.  Emerson battled some pretty hot fevers this week which we think were due to either a blockage of one of his ear tubes or just an icky virus, but he woke up Saturday morning fever-free and happy as a clam with a full night’s worth of solid sleep.  Thank the lord! 🙏🏻

We decided to start the weekend off right by going strawberry picking!  We headed out to Hedgecock Strawberry Farm pretty early because the temps for this weekend were forecasted to be in the mid 90’s!  Hello Summer!


Emerson’s favorite fruit has been strawberries since forever.  I’ve been looking forward to the chance to take him when he’d be old enough to enjoy it.  Well, the strawberry patch did not disappoint.  That kid was in “bah-berry” heaven.


I purposely dressed Emerson in some darker clothes as I had a feeling what was about to go down. 🙂


Just a kid and his berries!


The strawberries were ripeness perfection.  The lady working at the farm said that this week is peak week for them, so we picked a good weekend to go!


I have so many childhood memories of strawberry picking each year so I am excited to start the annual tradition with my own family. 😊  Some people did a little more eating than picking but we won’t name names!


Our neighborhood pool opens Memorial Day, so we got creative and filled a baby pool with some toys and put up our beach canopy tent and walah!  Perfect cool-off for a hot weekend.


Just a kid living the life, in his pool eating some snacks.


On Sunday morning, we headed to church.  We had a sweet Mother’s Day church service that gave me all the pregnancy hormonal feels so on came the waterworks. 🤷🏼‍♀️  I wasn’t the only sniffling mama in the house, though!


I’m so blessed to be given the gift of being someone’s mama.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the different kinds of mamas out there!

This Mother’s Day look was gifted to me by Shop PinkBlush.

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PS – for anyone who’s counting, I’m 32 weeks pregnant so looking forward to end of June for baby sister’s arrival!



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