My Hospital Packing List (From A Third Time Mama)




I wrote this originally back in 2018 when I was pregnant with my second baby, but I’m revising it for my most current pregnancy now in 2020!

If anyone knows me, they know I’m 95% packed and ready for baby weeks in advance.  You can never been too prepared!  Being that I’m not a first-timer mama, my packing list a little different than it was with my first.  With Emerson I really over-packed, so I tried to stick with what really is needed/wanted this time around.  Here are the items that made the cut for me:

For Mama & Daddy

  • a pretty, comfortable robe – like this.
  • towels – to throw away. The hospital towels are tiny and have been washed a million times so they are rough.  I chose two towels from our house that could use to be replaced and decided that after the hospital stay, I’m good to pitch them. ☺️
  • mama/daddy sets of pillows and blankets from home – again, the hospital stuff works but has seen better days.
  • toiletries and rubber/plastic flip flops for both of you. Essentials for me include: dry shampoo, facewash, chapstick and teeth washing items.
  • slippers
  • a few cardigans like this for layering if the hospital is cold
  • comfortable tops – tanks, bras.  If you’re planning on breastfeeding – make sure these are easy access.
  • yoga pants – extra points if they are postpartum friendly like this pair that I own.
  • comfy sleep shorts
  • socks
  • sleeping eye masks – yes, you know the ones I’m talking about.  Even with your room lights dimmed or cut off, there are still little monitors and other lights popping on when nurses come for their routine checks.  A mask for both mama and daddy would cut down on the disturbances some.
  • Heating pad
  • long extension cords
  • going home outfit – I am opting for an easy swing dress, as it will be summer.
  • glasses/contacts
  • minimal makeup bag – a small bag of minimal essentials is fine if you feel like throwing something on.  I did not end up doing a full face of makeup, washed/blow dried/styled hair the last time we this hospital visit even though I thought I would.
  • electronics, chargers and extension cord – the electric outlets are never convenient!
  • Nursing cream
  • Breast pump 
  • a book – I can’t say I will feel like reading, but I would rather have one that not.
  • snacks – you’ll regret it if you forget these!  nuts, Cliff or Kind bars, are ideas that will hold you over for a decent amount of time.
  • clothes for daddy
  • Stephen will likely bring headphones and maybe an Ipad
  • My nice camera & accessories

** One thing to note – the hospital will provide you with all the fun after-birth supplies you could possibly need.  Take advantage of that.  I stashed some away in my overnight bag each day to take home with me.  You are definitely paying for it during your stay.  Their stuff is good! **


For Baby

The hospital supplies you with the essentials, and it’s honestly to your best interest to use what they give you the majority of the time.  Being this is not my first rodeo, I know that babies don’t need to be dressed in the perfect newborn matching outfit the entire stay at the hospital. The nurses will be in and out and doing lots of protocol tests every hour or two on your baby so keeping it diapered and swaddled 90% of your stay is probably best/easiest.

  • boppy pillow
  • hats & mittens – I bought this set of newborn hats.
  • nail file & clippers – I feel like the hospital may provide a file but it was hard to use. Babies scratch themselves so easily!
  • a cute outfit or two to come home in – I don’t have big babies so I’ll bring a premie and newborn size. They’re SO small those first days!
  • pacifiers – maybe one or two different kinds.
  • muslin swaddle – mostly should I want to snap a pic with one.  The hospital swaddles work for the majority of the time spent.

{ all photos in this post are from j&a photography }

Good luck mama!



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