Mama Confessions: Soon-To-Be Two Under Two



Here we are … around 30ish days, give or take, out from meeting our sweet Elliott.  I feel like I have so much swirling through my head every day.

We are what I consider to be “ready” at any moment.  All of the bags are packed.  The car seats have been installed.  The car is packed with all the things.  Emerson’s overnight bag is already at the babysitter.  We are ready for you, girly!  Now we just “sit back” (that’s pretty comical, actually, because you know we aren’t sitting with a 19 month old running around!) and wait. 🙂

Here are a few things that are on my brain:


How will I have enough room in my heart for two?!

This is such a typical, about-to-be-a-second-time mom thing to say.  I have such a heart for my little boy and I love him so much!  I can’t imagine where more love will come from, but I know everyone says that your heart just grows another size and it happens!


What will Emerson think?

He is pretty out-of-the-loop now.  We’ve tried, but he doesn’t know much else outside of the words “Elliott” (which he says Ellie Ellie Ellie, and it’s adorable!), baby & belly.  He likes to poke at my belly button.

Will he be super jealous?  Will he be uninterested?  Will he be protective?  Or will he steal all the pacifiers and bottles?  Only time shall tell!


Who will she look like?

I’m pretty convinced she will look a ton like her brother.  Maybe more hair?  I’ve had some heartburn, so …. ?!


Ready for my regular wardrobe again!!!

Totally ready to retire the maternity wardrobe and say hello to all my regular clothes again!  It’s like having a fresh new closet all over.  Also, ready to not be feeling like I’m about to burn up all the time!  Thank goodness I won’t be pregnant through all summer and hot North Carolina fall like I was last time.


{ all the dreamy maternity session pics from this post are by j&a photography }

~ sources ~

my pink chiffon dress – ASOS Maternity is out of stock 🙁 but others from this exact line can be found here //  my black, off-the-shoulder dress – ASOS Maternity // Stephen’s blue shirt – J Crew Factory // Stephen’s off-white shirt – J Crew Factory is out of stock, as well, sorry! // Emerson’s shirts & shorts are Baby Gap, Old Navy, and his loafers are from here.





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