Emerson Gets Glasses



I wanted to share the story behind Emerson and his new glasses with you all.  Back at a routine well-baby exam around the first of the year, our amazing pediatrician – Dr. Leslie Smith with Cornerstone Pediatric Associates of Kernersville – noticed a slight weakness of some sort when she shined the flashlight in one of Emerson’s eyes.  She is super proactive and said that she wanted to refer us to a pediatric ophthalmologist just to get it checked.

We had quite a long time to wait to get in with Pediatric Ophthalmology Associates to see Dr. William Young, but we heard he was the best in the state, so it was worth it to us to wait!  We had our appointment in May and the verdict was that his left eye is three times weaker than his right eye.  The actual diagnosis is anisometropic amblyopia which is a condition in which the eyes have different refractive errors, making one eye out-of-focus compared to the other.  He is farsighted.  It isn’t something that is very easy to detect, so the fact that our pediatrician was able to catch it, is awesome.

Dr. Young said we could wait a few years to put him in glasses, but we would run the risk of causing further damage and it’s far better to treat earlier than later.  From what he said, putting a prescription in the weak eye teaches his good eye not to take over for the weaker eye.  If we had chosen to wait a few years, the muscles in the eyes would be harder to teach to work properly.  He will probably always need glasses or contacts (I always have!) but we are doing him a huge benefit but catching this early.

I’ll be honest with you, the idea of putting a toddler in a set of glasses sounded pretty horrible to us!  Not because he wouldn’t look cute, but just the concept of getting him to actually keep them on and not mess with them all the time.  The staff told us that if we were patient and consistent, he would eventually get good at wearing them.

Guess what, they were right. After a few days, Emerson stopped pulling his glasses off!  We actually think he appreciates that he can see better with them on.  He wears them every single day and we take them off for sleeping.  At this point, we are using the strap to help keep them secure because this boy is rough and tumble!  I tried going without the strap one day last week and they were crooked or falling off within five minutes, haha. No shocker there!

We went with Dilli Dalli brand glasses because they are meant for kids.  They are designed with the ability to flex both vertically and horizontally, the IntelliFlex hinge can “spring” back to its original adjustment, offering unique flexibility and greater durability.  The result is safe, functional eyewear with less need for replacement broken glasses.  They are almost rubbery.  Also, the lenses can pop out and in.  Emerson actually popped one out the very first day, LOL.  His exact style is the cute pie style in black.  Another brand that I’d like to try out eventually is Jonas Paul Eyewear.


This picture is from over Memorial Day Weekend.  🙂

I’m sure you’ll see more to come in the future from Emerson and his new specs!



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  1. I had a friend whose child had the same thing. I personally think the glasses are cute although I never felt cute in glasses. I have worn glasses or contacts my whole life. I think you did the right thing-you guys are such good parents. Thanks for sharing!!

    Barbara Goff

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