Dear Elliott,



Dear Elliott,

You could be joining us any day now over the next couple of weeks.  Soon we will get to hold you in our arms and kiss your little face for the first time.

I sit and wonder if you will have a similar or different personality compared to Emerson.  He is so independent, strong-willed and full of personality and always has been from day one.  We know that it may be a little transition for him once we bring you into our home (we call it “prince status” 🙂 ) but we think you two will become fast friends, especially because you will be so close in age – just 20 months apart.  I have dreams about the two of you playing together as toddlers.  One following the other.  He will love having a friend in you.

In my tummy you’ve been a busy bee.  Always moving.  Moved even more than your big bro did.  You like to get up early like he did/does too.  We shall see if that holds true once you join us in this world!  I had this same chat in my head when I was pregnant with your brother, but never got to put it into words back then.

My hope and prayer is that you’ll know how much your daddy and I will love you.  We can’t wait to show and experience all of the sweet adventures with you.

We’re ready for you, baby girl.  See you soon.



{photography by j&a photography}

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