Friday Favorites


~ ONE ~

Our hydrangeas are blooming!  This makes me so happy!  They’re my all-time, favorite flower and there is nothing better than walking around the side of your house to cut fresh blooms to arrange in vases around your house!  We have four large bushes, two blue and two purple.  I have heard that you can change the colors of the blooms by putting a rusted nail or copper penny in the soil below your plant.  Has anyone tried this?


~ TWO ~

Halo Top Dairy Free Ice Cream for the WIN!  I’m totally down with the recent trend from all these major ice cream distributors in their recent releases of dairy-free ice cream lines!  Halo Top is known for their low cal options, at around 80 calories per serving.  So far our favorite flavors have been:  Pancake & Waffles, Caramel Macchiato and Candy Bar



Emerson got his cast off this week!  If you are late to the party, Emerson broke his finger at daycare during kind of a freak accident with a door during a fire drill.   Long-story-short, it was an open fracture that had to have a bit of a small surgery, that then resulted in a full arm cast for protection.  (Toddlers are not known for their grace or ability to not mess with things, haha)  We were told he would wear the cast for 4-6 weeks and get it opened up to re-check the healing every two weeks.  We had our four week check this week and they were very happy with the healing so we didn’t have to put another cast back on!  🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻  Serious praise hands from this mama, you have no idea!!!


~ FOUR ~

Klos & Co. Bows!  I have a girlfriend that lives in St. Thomas that makes hand-made hair bows for girls.  We got a few little pretties in the mail recently from her summer collection.  She does nylon headbands and clips.  Check out her Etsy shop here.


~ FIVE ~

37 weeks a.k.a. HELLO FULL TERM!  I also made it to teach my very last class of Jazzercise of this pregnancy this week!  Being completely honest – this was not easy!  Each week, I put on my game face and made it happen, but I will not miss the feeling of having to run to the restroom at the top of the workout curve, nor will I miss bouncing that belly around from side to side. 😁 But totally thankful to have been healthy enough to workout to full-term for both of my pregnancies.




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