Baby, You’re A Firework


We’ve been enjoying our little family of four for a whole week now!  Everyone seems to be adjusting well to the new family dynamic.  Emerson has turned out to be quite the sweet big brother to his baby sister which makes this mama happy.

The Fourth of July snuck up on us this year. (I can’t imagine why?! 😁)  We decided to keep it simple and just hang out at our house and do a little hot dog/hamburger grilling.  Our friends, the Damman’s came by to celebrate.

Earlier in the day, I grabbed a few cute shots of Big E and Little E in their festive holiday outfits.  I won’t tell you how many takes it took to get a non-blurry shot that included both kids in it, but here are a few of my favorites:




Later in the day Hallie & Emerson went to town on some watermelon!  I think Emerson had four pieces to himself!



We set up a pool & water mister to keep everyone cool in the hot afternoon temps.



Emerson just living his best proud to be an American life in this pic, haha!


Baby Elliott loved meeting Amanda, Zak & Hallie.



Happy Independence Day from my crew!  We are blessed to live in a land of the free because of the brave.





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  1. Mallory I love these!
    Emerson is such a doll with Elliott and she is beautiful just like her Mom!!

    1. Thank you so much Luann! You’re so sweet! We are lucky he is being so good natured. Now he is a little bit of bull-in-a-China-shop but he doesn’t understand his strength so we just have to watch with a close eye. 😉

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