Life Lately – Middle of Maternity Leave


Hey y’all!  Still living the summertime maternity leave dream over here.  I was on maternity leave during the opposite season with Emerson which was November, December and January.  That time was good – with all the holidays.  But summer maternity leave is wonderful!

What have we been up to the last week or two?

Last week my parent’s visit wrapped up on Monday.  Emerson’s preschool had a transition last week and there were some Teacher Work Days scheduled so he was home with Elliott and me.  You guys – the days were FULL!  Serious props to all the stay-at-home mamas who keep multiple young kids.  I was whooped!

To help keep Big E entertained, we made sure to hit the park, run plenty of errands and schedule a few play dates.  One of the play dates included taking a trip to a local park that had a train ride, playground, carousel and concessions a.k.a. ice cream!  It was a hot day, but those little boys ran around un-phased!  We took plenty of shade and drink breaks!







This past Sunday we ventured to our church service for the first time since Elliott was born.  We kept her with us during the service and she was a doll baby.  🙂  We took this pic right before heading out the door.  Emerson is SO proud when he holds his baby sister!  I love how they are both smiling in this picture!



Later that afternoon I took Emerson on a special mama-son date to our neighborhood pool.  We had the BEST time swimming and playing together.  I’m going to make it a goal to sneak off with him at least once a week to soak up this time together.  I think we have a few weekends left, especially if the weather stays decent past Labor Day Weekend.




Just a cute pic of my girl.  She’s becoming far more alert and bright-eyed these days!  Even doing some smiling and coo-ing to us.  We eat it up!


That’s all for now!  Long live summer maternity leave!



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