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Ordering, wearing, pinning & counting!


New kitchen glass storage containers.  My Tupperware drawer always stresses me out.  It’s hard to keep organized, there’s always a few mis-matched pieces and half of it has seen better days.  I decided to toss all the old plastic Tupperware and start fresh with this nice glass set.



I’ve been pregnant for what feels like three years now (parts of 2016, 2017 and 2018) so I’ve not purchased a ton of clothes over the past few years.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but while on maternity leave I’ve done a few projects, one of which was do an inventory of all of our closets.  The short story is – go through it all, donate what doesn’t work anymore, organize what’s left and find the holes in our wardrobes.  I made a list of what we actually needed and started picking up those items here or there.

I’ll probably do a more in-depth post about this later but one clothing area that I needed to add to was a couple transitional sweaters and tops that could be dressed up for work/get-togethers and dressed down for every day.  Loving this camel knitted wrap long sleeve top from PinkBlush.  The cross front detail in this top is all of the things!


Ladies who lunch!  Ladies lunch with some of my early morning students!


Easy Cheeseburger Kabobs (minus the cheese for me!)

How cute are these?  I thought that they looked like a good option for Labor Day weekend get-togethers coming up next weekend.  Also they are low carb if that is something that interests you. 😁



Our sweet Elliott turns two months old tomorrow.  It’s hard to imagine our lives before her now!




This post is sponsored by PinkBlush.

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