September Roundup


Y’all, September has just flown by!  I started back to work after Labor Day but worked from home for the entire month.  I’m so grateful for that opportunity to ease back in to our new normal routine.  Starting in October, I’ll be back to my regular three days in the office/two days work-from-home.  I also started back with teaching my Jazzercise classes in September and am doing two days a week at 5:30am. Yes, it’s early, but honestly, it’s really the only feasible time with the busy mornings and evenings.

Starting at the beginning of the the month, here’s a run down via pictures …

Grandparent’s Breakfast at Emerson’s school.  Grandpa Doug came to visit.



The two. 😍  He is crazy about her and she thinks he hangs the moon.  Also, can we talk about #demcheeks !  We joke she’s like a squirrel, smuggling acorns and storing up for the long winter.



For fun, I tried squeezing Emerson in last year’s Green Bay Packer garb one Sunday.  I’ll just say that it was a tad snug.  Also he was uninterested in wearing the cheesehead and wanted to play with it or chew on it because, #toddler. 🤷🏼‍♀️


Lunch date at Printworks Bistro with my best girl.  Those legs, I can’t get enough of the rolls!  Also loving the early fall weather these days with highs in the upper 70’s and low 80’s that makes the days feel so much less oppressively hot than the end of the summer temps that we just came out of.



This girl, her rolls and cheeks!  I love this baby phase.


Brother Emerson loves to hold baby, for like 10 seconds, but he is always asking, haha!


Parent’s Night Out! 🙌🏻  We grabbed dinner and drinks at Crafted – The Art of the Taco in downtown Greensboro before headed to the Cone Denim Theater to see Kaleo.  Such a fun night.


Just me and my littlest love, hanging while big bro naps.


Here’s Emerson’s fall school picture.  When did he get so big?  And he has mastered the angelic pose 😇.  Also, wild hair thanks to Hurricane Florence, but golly, I’m so proud that he’s mine.




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