Emerson James – Two Years Old!

Big boy Emerson turned TWO on Sunday, November 4th.  It just blows my mind that we have a two year old now.  He’s our Mr. Independent, social butterfly, all-boy, total mama’s boy, sweet buddy.

Milestones//Special Moments: using short sentences in his vocabulary // very good at using eating utensils, but hasn’t 100% mastered a big boy cup (that is, with us trusting him!) // showing interest in going potty on the potty. we try some and he’s had a few successes in which he calls “yellow waters!” very proudly // knows 95% of his alphabet and knows all the basic colors // he got glasses this year and is so great at wearing them // broke his first bone earlier this year

Weight/Height: 32 lbs, 36.5 inches tall  (81st percentile for weight and 95th percentile for height)

Hair/Eyes: little blondie. After waiting and waiting for some decent hair to come in after being a pretty bald baby, his hair finally started coming in during the early part of this year. It got even blonder during the summer. Eyes are brown, just like his daddy.

Diapers: he’s in a size 6

Clothes: 3T

Sleeping: one nap from around 12-2:30pm and bedtime: 7/7:30am and sleeps until 6:00am – he is not willing to sleep in!  We’ve tried it all, but our kids like to go to bed early, sleep very well, but are early risers!  Emerson still takes that darn pacifier at night only. We know it’s got to go, but will probably wait until some boring weekend after the first of the year to take it away!

Likes: obsessed with cars, trucks, airplanes, trains – all the vehicles, you name it, he loves it // bath time // his baby sister – they adore each other // reading books // wrestling daddy // hugs & giving kisses // going to school and playing with friends // cuddling his blankie or other soft things when sleepy // playgrounds // foods: avocados, noodles, raisins, waffles, rice and all fruit

Dislikes: getting dressed or having his diaper changed (nothing has changed in a year with that!) // not a fan of teeth brushing but we have improved greatly in the past month or so // being told no // still will not touch any meat. he’s our little vegetarian haha

13-24 months of EMERSON:

See his one year old post here.



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