2018 Thanksgiving in the Mountains

We drove up Thanksgiving Day to spend Thanksgiving with Stephen’s mom’s side of the family.  They live a little outside of Asheville, North Carolina.  Right away once we got on the road, Little Miss had the blowout of the century, so we had to stop and deal with that fun. 🙂  Of course, I only had one set of tights packed.

Back on the road, we made decent time because we left early (thanks to our kids who never let us sleep past 6 am!)  The kids were overall really great on the ride.  This was Elliott’s first long car trip.


She’s found her feet and we forgot how fun that it is to watch! 🐛 Socks don’t really stay on anymore.


Cutest little craft that Emerson made at school.  Totally framing this and pulling out year after year with my fall decor.


Emerson loved feeding the chickens at Mimi & Grandpa Lou’s house!


Ellie getting a some Grandpa Lou love.



Getting the “money shot” pic with two little ones is never an easy task.  We end up with a whole lot of these (below).  Whoever takes the picture, I always suggest going with the “trigger finger” to take as many over a few second window because maybe one or two will be half-way decent!  Why no shoes?!  and look at her face, haha!


Elliott has a great poker face playing games after dinner with Danielle.



Aunt Caitie!



So thankful to be surrounded by loved ones!  We had the best time.



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