Scenes From Our Snowy Weekend + A Little Life Lately


This mixed bag of a post is comin’ in hot on this snowy Sunday evening here in North Carolina.  Blogging is a whole lot harder these days as there are a lot less free hours in the day to get “ideas on to paper” a.k.a typed out, so I feel like I’m a little behind, but it’s ok.  🙂

My girlfriend had a little “Kickoff The Holidays” party recently and they did ‘Cookies & Stories with Santa’.  It was a sweet little get-together and neither of mine shed any tears – yay!  Emerson was a tad shy, but overall fine.  Doesn’t Santa look great?!  Sometimes I don’t feel that way when I see him “traveling” around to other children!






I chopped my hair two weeks ago.  I love my long hair but two babies in two years has done a number on my hair with all the post-baby hair thinning.  It just had to happen, but I’m loving this new length and style and it feels sooo much healthier.


Kevin McCallister wants to know if your toothbrush has been approved by the American Dental Association?!  Paying homage to my favorite movie of all time – Home Alone – I had an idea to get Emerson to do the “Kevin-in-the-bathroom” scene.  He does that face all the time, so it worked out perfectly!!!



We’ve been getting this insane blizzard for the last 24ish hours here in North Carolina.  It’s quite crazy for us in the south.  As of now, we have a solid 12-15 inches.  It’s honestly hard to tell because the last few hours have been sleet, so that presses the original snow down.  We are hoping our power holds out, as it’s already been out for several hours today.

There is no school tomorrow and probably for a few days.  We stocked up on all the groceries last week before the chaos hit.  Emerson has been crazy about the snow this year.  He keeps eating it and gets very mad when we tell him it’s time to come in.  I mean, just look at him in these pics!!!  The baby has different sentiments and was over it about a minute after being out there.  You can tell by her face!








This is just funny. 🙂



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