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I’ll be 33 this month (December 21!) and for a little birthday month fun, I am going to share 33 things that maybe you do or do not know about me:

1.  I never used to like pickles but since having two kids, now I do.  Didn’t crave them pregnant but it’s after pregnant that I now like them.

2.  Vacuuming is hands down my favorite chore.  Instant visual gratification.

3.  Bathrooms and dishes are my least favorite.  Stephen does the bathrooms in this house!  I do the laundry.

4.  I make the bed every day.  Can’t stand walking by an un-made bed!

5.  I’ve never had strep throat or the flu.  Now I don’t want to jinx myself here!

6.  I eat eggs every single morning for breakfast.  Two whole eggs and two or three eggs without the yolk.  I put salsa on it, with Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel Seasoning, and if I’m really being adventurous, maybe some avocado, too.

7.  Summer is my favorite season but I like the others for different reasons.

8.  Favorite movie of all time – Home Alone!  I can quote the entire thing pretty much. 😉

9.  I’ve never had ranch dressing or sour cream in my life.  I’m highly allergic to dairy products and have been my whole life.  The anaphylaxis kind of allergy that your throat swells up.

10.  Born and raised 18 of my years in Wisconsin.

11.  I’ve never read or seen Harry Potter.  I hadn’t see anything StarWars, Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit until the last few years because Stephen basically said I needed to watch them, haha.

12.  Christmastime makes my heart soar.  There is just something so wonderful about the ambiance of the holiday season.

13.  I’ve been sky-diving once and I’m good to never do that again for the rest of my life.  Totally glad I did that before I had kids, though!

14.  I’ve broken one bone – my wrist in middle school.  It was awful and dislocated.  I ran into my sister’s bikes when we were riding bikes around our neighborhood.

15.  I could eat french fries and pasta every day of my life.  Maybe every meal?  I just don’t, HAHA!  I don’t have a naturally high metabolism, so I have to make decent food choices and stay active.

16.  I’ve shown and owned horses for over half of my life.  On a horse-owning hiatus right now because of life and kids, but hoping to pick that back up in the near future.

17.  I lost my last dog, Shelby, a few years ago, and I think about getting another dog sometimes, but then reality hits and I think that I don’t need another dependent in the busy mornings/evenings.

18.  I have some obsessive tendencies.  🙂  I like things the way I like them and don’t like things to be done half-way!

19.  I could recite most common nursery rhymes by age two.  But had my hearing tested at age three … where they concluded I had perfect hearing and cognitive ability, I just had selective hearing, LOL.

20.  One Christmas, I got a remote control car stuck in my hair during dinner (wasn’t supposed to be playing with it) and my mom made me sit through the entire dinner with it hanging from my head.

21. I’m not really a fan of soda.  Occasionally I’ll have a few sips of one but overall I don’t like the way it gives you a sugary film on your teeth.

22. Speaking of teeth, I just had my wisdom teeth removed in 2017.  They never came in until I was in my late 20’s.

23.  Blue is my favorite color, but I typically wear black and gray.  I also love to wear and decorate in neutral colors.

24.  I’m still kind of afraid of the dark and don’t care for scary movies.  Such a weenie, I know!

25.  I love my sister, but I always wanted to have an older brother.  I loved the idea of him driving me to school and looking out for me.  I was very excited when I found out that baby Emerson was going to be a boy, because that meant that the oldest would be a boy.

26.  I can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order.

27.  I’ve always wanted to have a good singing voice.  I most definitely do not!

28.  Two kids has always been “my number” but sometimes I think three could be fun.  We shall see.  🙂  Three preschool/sitter bills doesn’t sound too fun …

29.  I was not one of those women who loved to be pregnant.  Very thankful and glad to have had the opportunity, but I’m not one who misses being pregnant when I’m not.

30.  I have a tiny brown spot in one of my blue eyes, and so does Elliott.

31.  I am old school and still keep a paper calendar/daily planner along with an electronic one in my email.  I also am a HUGE note maker.

32.  I wasn’t fully potty trained until around five.  Apparently, I knew exactly what to do, I just didn’t feel like doing it … like stopping playing with toys to take the time to do it.  I think they had to threaten me some that I could not go to Kindergarten until I did it!  I can’t even imagine this as a parent now!

33.  Favorite childhood movie – The Little Mermaid!

32 was a great year!  I used to not look forward to getting older, but now it doesn’t bother me one bit.  Like a fine wine, getting better with age.  😉  Bring it on, 33!

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