Six Months of Elliott



Our sweet girl is six months old and this age has got to be one of my favorites of the baby phases.  She is starting to sit up un-assisted but is still a cuddle bug.  She rolls from front to back but isn’t too concerned with being on the move.  At this age, she is very into her surroundings, wanting to watch and touch everything.  Also everything goes in the mouth, but no teeth to be found yet!

We started solids with her and are doing the baby-led weaning approach which basically skips the purées and goes straight to giving them very soft pieces of food and allowing them to use hand-eye coordination to self feed.  Think: avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes, etc.

She had her very first virus which gave her her first ear infection in December.

She’s sleeping 7pm to 5:30am and getting up for a bottle in the dark and going straight back down for around another hour.

Elliott thinks her brother hangs the moon and will take endless supplies of his attention.  Her face lights up when he enters a room and he makes her laugh and laugh.  One of her favorite things is bath time with brother.

She weighs around two pounds less than her brother did at six months – 15 pounds 9 oz. So she may be a little more petite than he was.  He was a big boy and still is!

We think her eye are going to be blue like mama’s!  At least they have hung in the blues so far.  Emerson’s eyes were already brown by this age.  We call her sweet cheeks because she has the BEST cheeks!

She is such a happy girl and wakes up happy and smiling.  Overall, she has a very low-key personality and isn’t a crier.  She has the typical, second-child, go-with-the-flow personality.

  Much to her mama’s dismay, she has found her hair bows and has developed a little habit of pulling them down off of her head and chewing on them!  Now bow placement is a bit higher, so she doesn’t notice them as much!

We just love this little girl so much!





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