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Happy weekend, friends!  It’s a cold rainy one here, but we aren’t sad about it as we already knocked out our weekend errands and got naps in!  Here is a miscellaneous list of things that I’ve been loving lately:

The Crown on Netflix.  I started watching this a couple weeks ago after a recommendation.  I love all things royal!  I’d highly recommend!


This Moto Jacket has been on my wish-list for quite some time and it was part of my Christmas gifts.  SO versatile.  The shorter cut is super flattering and I love the versatility of the remove-able hood.  It is really well made and feels heavy – just like real leather.

moto-jacketSpanx High-Waisted Faux Leather Leggings – I bought these last year for family photos and am still wearing the heck out of them this year.  Not only do they SUCK-IT-ALL-IN, with the full panel waistband, the shine on them makes them different than all your other black leggings.  Very Sandy from Grease, if you ask me.  They are a little pricey, but I wear them A LOT and I was able to catch them on sale.



Walmart Grocery Pick-Up – I’m not a Walmart shopper for the most part, but someone recommended the grocery pickup to me recently.  There is a handy little app and you can add items to your cart.  You can even add non-grocery items, for instance, my order today had eyeliner on it.  We like to use this when we a really busy week or have several errands to run and just don’t feel like hitting the grocery store for essentials.  You pick a one-hour window time for pickup and check into the app when you leave your house and when you arrive at the store.  Usually my groceries are in my car within 5-10 minutes.  This is especially nice when I have both kids with me and don’t feel like taking them in the store.  You can also note if you’ll allow substitutions for each item.  For instance, we like name-brand La Croix, but don’t care which brand of baby carrots we get.  They will give you the price you order even if they substitute for a more expensive item.

I just bought this tote that I had also been eyeing for awhile.  The reviews are great and the fact that it’s large (can hold all the kid stuff) and reversible (like two purses in one) won me over.  It comes in a black/camel and a camel/lighter tan.  It includes a wristlet as well.  If you really want to go all out with purse organization, this purse organizer looks amazing.  I’m thinking about buying it.


Collagen Peptides – just ordered these after seeing lots of good things about them for hair & nail growth, skin improvement, etc.  Going to give it a try.  It’s a once-a-day tasteless powder that you can add to your coffee.


Elliott has started eating solids recently.  I just love this phase!  I love to experiment with what to offer her.  She loves the things she can hold easily such as a roll, banana, or one of her brother’s french fries from last night’s dinner!  Avocado is the favorite of all!  Here she is working on a pancake.



Emerson has been enjoying puzzles lately.  He received this Lightning McQueen multi-puzzle set for Christmas and we like helping him with these.


I’m going to work on a Day-In-The-Life post soon to share with you all.  Hoping to capture what our day looks like from beginning to end.  🙂


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