Five On Friday


You guys!  My blogging has totally taken a backseat recently.  What is my excuse?  Well, just LIFE!  I’m ok with it, though.  I’ll share what I can!  I have a handful of half-baked posts that are in the draft phase.

Wanted to share a Five On Friday for you this week:

1 // Haircut

I went shorter with the hair this week!  I had chopped a ton off in December to make a long angled bob, but decided to take a few more inches off to bring it above my shoulders in the back!  I love it!  I go in waves with what kind of mood I’m in with my hair and right now the shorter styles are floating my boat.


2 // Good Book Recommendations?

Have y’all read any good page-turners lately?  I just finished The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty who wrote Big Little Lies (which I loved!!!)  It was pretty good, and just started Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella, but after that I’ve got nothing! Would love a few recs to add to my list!


3 // Men’s Shirt-Stay Garters

This is def a guy thing, but lots of you have guys in your lives so it’s worth mentioning. Stephen says these have changed his life with wearing dress shirts.  Basically it’s a garter that clips to your dress shirt and then either down to your socks or boxer briefs.  He swears by these and says he doesn’t know how he lived so long without them.  Links to both the short and longer versions can be found here and here.


4 // Side-By-Side Comparisons

I love a good side-by-side comparison, especially of my kids.  Here is nearly the same pic of my two!!!  Fun fact, Emerson was a bit bigger than Elliott and she’s wearing some of his old jammies at 9 months that he used to wear when he was 5 months old!



5 // Two Funnies

Saw this last week and it’s SO accurate.  “The pollening” is starting up already.


also this, is spot on …


Happy Weekend!


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