Emerson James – 2.5 Years


You guys, just when I think our Emerson can’t get any more handsome, he does!  Good thing he is cute, because he does like to push the envelope sometimes!  I wanted to document a half-year post on our favorite little boy – so here goes!


Our Emerson is still so tall!  He’s 100th percentile in height and weight and continues to grow in that curve.  He looks like a three year old to us!  He’s in some 3T & 4T clothes at 2.5 years old.  I’m guessing he’s gotten his tall stature from my dad who is very tall because Stephen and I are not super tall people.

This boy is a mamas boy through-and-through.  He’s turned into such a cuddle bug too.  As a baby, he wasn’t very into cuddling, so I’m SO happy to report that he’s my little lap-sitting, hugs and kisses boy now.

He is currently on his second cast.  Two casts within a year!!!  This current one is from a playground fall – his own fault.  He’s ALL BOY, and runs, falls, dives and crashes constantly.  Hopefully this isn’t a sign of what our future will look like.

He is still a vegetarian – by total choice.  We have no idea why, but has never had any interest in any kinds of meats.  Maybe it’s a texture thing?  We get protein in him via eggs, nuts, etc.  I wouldn’t call him super picky, but outside of the meat thing, he’s not a fan of cheese and pizza – I know, how is that possible?!

He does well in school.  Loves crafts, outside time, his friends and teachers.  He is one of these little boys who thrives in social/learning environments.  We are lucky to have such a wonderful, enriched place for him to attend.


He’s very loving with his sister.  For the longest time he used to call her “baby” but now she’s “Elliott” or “sister”.  She started crawling, so she does make him a little irritated with “touching his toys”.  🙂  Poor guy doesn’t know that he has many, many years to come with a tag-a-long sissy!

Within the past month, potty training has finally clicked for him.  Still with #1 only, and he doesn’t ask to go himself, but if we ask him every few hours, he will gladly participate for a single M&M reward per occurrence.  🙂   And keep a dry pull-up all day.  We’ll take it!

He loves attention and is not shy!  I’m sure we will have to have the “stranger-danger talk” in the near future.  He gets this honest, because his mama had the same personality.  Little motor mouth and never met a stranger.  He will walk right up to strangers on the playground, kids or adults, and say “Hi I’m Emerson, I like you!”

The glasses wearing is going well.  His eyes have not gotten worse.  He is rough on them (SHOCKER!!!) and has knocked out the lenses twice over the past few months.  On the playground, no doubt!!!  I just bought a second pair to have for when he does (inevitably) lose the next lense.

Still vehicle obsessed.  Cars, trucks, planes & trains.  He loves them all!  He hardly goes anywhere without one in-hand.

He has a great vocabulary (hence: motor-mouth, hehe!) and is constantly killing us with the hilarity that comes out of his mouth.  This week it’s been: “Wait a minute” (telling us to hold on, LOL), “no, I can’t do that, I’m too big” (when he doesn’t want to do something!), “this cast stays on” (when we get him dressed and undressed), and a constant parade of other funny things on a daily basis.


This next set of pictures are just so Emerson.  Skipping rocks and stomping in the puddle.  And geez, those expressions!






2 1/2 years of this sweet fella!  We can hardly believe it!  So lucky to be his mama!


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