A Little Bit of Easter Festivities

I’m sitting here drinking a cup of coffee while my littest little is playing at my feet.  The boys are sleeping, so it’s just the two of us.  🙂  I wanted to jump on here and share some of the Easter festivities we have been partaking in the past week.

Emerson and I dyed eggs the other weekend.  I’m getting smarter – we did it outside this time!  We wore the junky clothes, so the cute stuff didn’t get ruined!  He was a good boy and listened to directions too.  PS – the cast did come off, at his recent appointment!



Snapped a few pics of little lady to show all the teeth she’s getting in.  She started with the two on the bottom, but two weeks ago we noticed FOUR on top were coming in at the same time.  Now this week, she’s got another on bottom coming in as well, totaling seven!




Enjoying the pretty weather earlier this week.


Sissy and I crashed Emerson’s Easter Egg Hunt and class party at school on Thursday.  Emerson is still a champion egg-hunter this year.  He did take a little break to go grab his beloved ‘Lightning McQueen car’ halfway through.  See last year’s Easter Festivities post here.  He looks soo little compared to this year!






The weather was great for the hunt.  Low 80’s but with a nice breeze – hence my awesome hair here.



My girlfriend Chris and her daughter Lola visited us on Friday.  Emerson was all about Lola!  Didn’t want her to leave and kept her busy playing with him.



It’s only Saturday now, I’m sure I’ll have more to share as the weekend goes on!


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