Easter Day 2019

We had a wonderful Easter Day today.  Emerson was ready for the Easter Bunny bright and early this morning.  We prepped him the night before about his visit so he was ready to go the minute he woke up.  We did the egg hunt and both kids had baskets.  We try not to go to crazy with it so we don’t overshadow the meaning of the holiday.

Later in the morning we headed to church for a nice service. After, we hit up a local restaurant for the second year in a row.  They have a nice Easter brunch buffet and we definitely ate our fill.  Stephen’s brother Michael joined us too.

Here are few shots from the day.  It’s crazy to think about how much our lives have changed since last Easter!  Double as crazy, that’s for certain!




Can y’all even with this dapper boy of ours??!!  We had someone tell us today that if Pastor Rob couldn’t make it to service, Emerson could fill in because he looked so handsome today!  Pretty sure, he knew it too.


Also, taking pics with kids is pretty impossible.  You know that right?!





Happy Easter my friends!  He is risen!


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