12 Months of Elliott Kennedy


Our little girl turns ONE this week!

Fastest year of our lives, y’all.  It feels like just yesterday that I was super pregnant and writing posts like this and this about all of the unknowns and then a few days later, on June 27th 2018, here she came!  Our family was changed forever!   We are so grateful to have your sweet little girly personality.  Because I love to document these types of things, here is a little rundown about our one year old baby girl.  Time is a thief and babies don’t keep!

Milestones//Special Moments:  First real word – mama but now it’s all dada all the time // Speed crawling connoisseur // Standing on her own with little support, walking along furniture and trying to stand on her own  // Trying to take steps! and loves for you to hold her hands and walk her around // 8 teeth – she has a super teethy smile and people always compliment her full mouth of teeth but man it was rough when 7 of them came in at once

Weight/Height:  19.6 lbs, 29 inches tall  (42nd percentile for weight and 46th percentile for height)

Hair: Dark Blonde with a little curl to it

Eyes:  We thought they were going to be blue, but they’ve shifted to a grayish color

Clothes/Diapers:  12 months and 4’s

Sleeping:  2 naps – 1st is 9am-10:30ish, 2nd is at 1pm-3ish // bedtime: 6:45-7pm and sleeps until 5:00am-ish, but we let her sing and play in her crib until 6

Nicknames:  Ellie, Honey Bunny and Ellie Mae

Likes:  #1 best ever is big brother Emerson // eggs! this little girl eat like a bird, and is super picky, but you better have two scrambled eggs for her to devour at breakfast or you’ll be hearing about it!! // reading books with us and to herself // playing with all her brother’s toys. total tag-a-long // shaking her head ‘no’ // clapping and dancing // cuddling/chewing her beloved ‘bunny’ stuffed animal when sleepy // ‘meowing’ back at the cat // other foods: avocados, french fries, mashed potatoes, strawberries, pouches, pretzels, bananas, graham crackers & goldfish and not tons else! we are working on it and offer her tons. // stealing her brother’s glasses right off his head – she’s quick! // pulling her bows off her head during car rides and chewing them // going to swim at the pool and taking baths // playing ‘train tracks’ with Emerson at his train table // being held (lap baby) // saying: “Hiiii” and “what’s that?”

Dislikes:  getting dressed/diaper changed // having her nose wiped // getting toys taken away that she steals from her brother.  sometimes she slaps and gets quite feisty! // not a big eater, pretty picky // getting strapped in her carseat

We love you sweet Ellie Mae!


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