Emerson James – Three Years Old!



Our Emerson. Three years old!  It doesn’t seem possible.

You are your mother’s son.  You have inherited my social, friendly personality.  You are a tenderhearted, lover-boy too.  We never get bad reports about you hurting or being mean to anyone, except that one time that you had a report for biting twice in one day, but come to find out, it was that you were giving someone “raspberry kisses” so we had to have a talk about not putting your mouth on anyone … πŸ™‚

You are the tallest in your class and have continued on this tall path since birth.  We aren’t really sure why, as your parents are very average height, but maybe it’s mama’s daddy’s (papa) side?  You’re wearing size 4T and 5T now and are 40+ pounds and are a solid boy to carry around.

You adore your sister and love to smother her.  You also like to have your own time now, and sometimes you shut yourself in your room to play without Ellie touching your things.

Looking back at your two year old post, you’ve totally mastered all the milestones you were working on such as talking in short sentences (paragraphs, non-stop these days! we call you motor mouth!) and knowing alphabet & colors.  You got the potty-training thing down around age 2.5.  Since your two year old update, you broke ANOTHER bone – your arm!  ALL BOY!  Wrestling with your daddy is amazing.

You love going to school, church and Awanas with mama.  You love to memorize your bible verses, too! You’ve really enjoyed going to fun things like Touch-A-Truck, birthday parties, Trick-or-Treating, and parks this year.  You hit us with some hilarous words sometimes “this is delicious”.  You have great manners (thank you TBC teachers!).

The more you grow, the more people think you *might* look a little more like your mama.  I’ll say it’s the blond hair and super smiley face.  You are still a mama’s boy and mama doesn’t hate it.

You’ve finally started to like to sleep in!  YES!

You are still 100% obsessed with all things vehicles, and still lazered in on your beloved Lightning McQueen from Cars.  Enough so, that we made your dream come true with a  Lightning McQueen Halloween costume this year.  We were thrilled when you decided you were ready to eat a little meat earlier this year, as you’ve been a self-proclaimed vegan forever!

We love our Emerson James Mast!






Little GQ model here.



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