Visit To See Santa 2019


I’ll use this post as a way to document one of my favorite Christmas holiday traditions!

We rode our two up the mall to see Santa this past weekend.  YES, we went early, but this mama isn’t going to make the mistake to wait until the Saturday before Christmas ever again!

We arrived at 10 a.m., right when Santa started his visits. Emerson had been reciting what he was going to ask Santa for for Christmas for two weeks prior and he was all set to meet him.  He ran up immediately and jumped on his lap!  Elliott was not to sure, but no tears!  When Santa asked Emerson what he wanted for Christmas, he legit had a “Ralphie moment” (from the classic movie –  A Christmas Story).  He froze up!  When he finally came to, he blurted out the WRONG toy!  Then Santa proceeded to ask him if he wanted “Paw Patrol” and “Mickey Mouse” and he nodded his head vigorously, like Ralphie did when Santa asked if he wanted some ‘tinker toys’, haha!  It was hilarious and Stephen and I were dying with laughter.  #ralphie2.0

Until next year!




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