Elliott Kennedy – 1.5 Years Old



Our sweet Ellie Mae.  She’s a year and a half now!  She has really grown into herself in since the summer.  She is a tough little thing!  Emerson is our big personality boy, but a total lover.  Elliott is probably more quiet in general and is not afraid to get scrappy or cut some eyes if you are not making her happy!  Most people don’t believe us when we say that, but it’s true!  Maybe it is because she has an older, rough brother, but she is one tough cookie.

Let’s see, what is 1.5 year old Elliott like?
  • She still MUST HAVE SCRAMBLED EGGS to make her breakfast complete in the morning.  It’s so funny.  It’s her biggest meal of the day.
  • She loves to snack and graze.  For awhile I wasn’t sure how she was surviving on how much of a little bird she was with eating, but she does!
  • She is very petite and tall.  She has the tiniest feet, just like her Aunt Tori and Aunt Carly.  Her brother was constantly growing out of clothes and shoes and she gets a nice long time in all her sizes!  She’s been hanging in size 4 diapers for what feels like a year.  Size 18 months in clothes.
  • SHE IS A CLIMBER!  I find her on top of the dining room table, dressors, etc.  Sometimes I have no clue how she manages to get up.  She is fast at getting up, too.
  • Has turned into a mama’s girl, from starting off as a daddy’s girl.
  • Loves her sitter, Diana
  • Brushing her teeth is a favorite
  • Still 200% obsessed with her raggety old blue bunny.  It’s her thing like Emerson’s thing was his “assy” (paci/pacifier)
  • Cat obsessed.  Calls them MEOWS!
  • She has her body parts down.  We are working on colors, alphabet and numbers now.
  • She’s followed in her brother’s footsteps with the ear infections.  She has had 5-6 this fall and we can barely keep her clear. We were able to sneak out of tubes last spring, but headed to ENT in a week to see…
  • Will she ever start to get a full head of hair???  Any day now, girl!  Ready to switch from nylon headband bows to clips!
  • Other food favorites include: pancakes, strawberries, bananas, blue berries, raisins, baked beans, rice, all potatoes – mashed, fried, you name it, rice, and snacks – the usual goldfish, graham crackers, Annie’s brand grahams, Kids Cliff Z Bar granola bars, cereals.  I get veggies in her strategically through pouches and mixing in rice.  She won’t do meats like her bro was as a baby/toddler.
  • She does a pretty solid job with feeding herself with utensils.
  • She’s into everything nowadays and is a busy bee.  Follows Emerson everywhere and wants to do anything he does.
  • Elliott has fully masters the “resting b**** face”!  She cuts eyes like the best of them y’all!  It’s a first for us and we find it hilarious.  If you irritate her, you are going to get the look!
  • She definitely does the toddler fall-out when she doesn’t want to do something.  You know, like how Kayne West said he didn’t need a manager anymore?  Just like that – can’t be managed.  No rationalizing.  Just scoop them up and move along!
  • Favorite toys are her purse and accessories, stroller with animals in it, books and anything her brother plays with (of course!)
  • Does well at church nursery and loves to play.  We will eventually move her to the preschool that Emerson attends.  She already thinks she owns the place, though.  When I bring her in to pick up Emerson she doesn’t want to leave.
  • Still has dem cheekers – which might be the biggest thing on her!  Her eyes are a green/gray which is interesting.
  • We love it when she tells us she is ready to go “Ny Ny” (go to bed)







We love our sassy girl!  You’re growing up so quickly!


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