Baby #3 – Baby Sister or Baby Brother?


Baby sister or baby brother?  What shall it be? 💗💙  We find out in less than‼️2 WEEKS‼️but like my other pregnancies, I thought I’d share some wives tales and let you take some guesses!  I’ll even include my past pregnancies so you can compare! ⬇️

Heart rates: 💙EJM: 151, 156, 150 💗EKM: 165, 155, 157 💛#3: 167, 170, 169

Sickness: 💙EJM: 8-12 wks. 💗EKM: 5-12 wks. 💛#3: 5-13 wks then continued through current, but in small doses instead of all day 🤢

Headaches: 💙EJM: yes 💗EKM: minimal 💛#3: yes

Skin: 💙EJM: dry 💗EKM: smooth 💛#3: smooth

Acne/Breakouts: 💙EJM: no 💗EKM: yes 💛#3: yes

Carrying: Hard to say! I think I carry low with all.

Who picked the correct gender with EJM? Mama!

Who picked the correct gender with EKM? Both!

💛#3 guesses? Mama: 💗 Daddy: 💙

We can’t wait to share the news soon!  We do have names already picked out for both boy and girl options!  Stay tuned!


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